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I got a new grill, bling blang.

I just got back from the Dentist.

Remember that yellow tooth I had? Gone. Got a veeneer today and it's so fresh, clean, and smooth. Bright white, matches the other lil' buddies in my mouth.

I also got a deep cleaning, ultrasonic. Makes my gum's hurt.

My dentist is a pretty chill guy, I would recommend him. I have this great story about me dancing in my chair listening to my ipod while I got a root canal. That wasn't pretty for my mouth but it sure didn't hurt.

I was tapping out a 4/4 in the dentist chair getting down to the crazy sounds of Trentemoller.


taken from a post on the forums ( a rock music recommendation thread)

a guy on the tranceaddict forums was looking for new rock, i typed up a long winded post and then figured i should post it somewhere else for more people to see. every band can use more fans.

original thread.

I always found it hard to find quality rock bands, but those i like i really, REALLY like. Basically i want to expand my horizons a little, and i might as well turn to you people for some guidance.

My favorite bands, as of now:

Bloc Party
The Verve
Foo Fighters
Smashing Pumpkins
A Perfect Circle

(Snow Patrol is also good, but i so wish they would have another singer that didnt sound like someone taken from a american high school movie or something..)

Anyone care to help me out here?

my post:

my favorite band is Incubus but just to name a few here are what some of my friends are listening to. Some of it I like, some of it I think is emo crap but still; every band has their merits in one way or another.

Listening to nothing but rock music makes people numb to the world.

IMO Snow Patrol's new album totally sucks. Final Straw was a masterpeice though.

Some bands I really like/love:
Muse (i srsly think they are phenominal, they were originally sought as the nezxt radiohead but they are more psychodelic rock, AWESOME AWESOME, cant go wrong with any other their albums. all fantastic stuff)
Athlete (sounds like coldplay, pheniminal band, love love em!)
The Rapture (more like dance punkish stuff)
The Knife (electro pop dance)
editors (got a few remixes on the progressive house side of things, great new band)
zero 7
frou frou/imogen heap (more pop then rock)

some other stuff some of my friends like and ive heard a few times, you might appreciate:

Brand New
The Killers (everyone has heard of them by now) i think the last album was pretty weak. Hot Fuss sold millions of copies though.
TV On the radio
hard fi

if you like radiohead definetely check out thom yorkes solo album the eraser.

all the girls are in love with this band that just all of a sudden blew up out of nowhere called The Fray. It's piano rock kinda stuff. catchy, but im so sick of hearing it now bc it gets blasted on every radio station on the planet. def one of those cross overbands that you will find parents and kids listening to.

there is a pretty cool band out of Texas that just released an album Called "The Format" their first single is called "the compromise" its catchy indie type stuff.

if you are into some more mellow rock check out older releases and new stuff from:

band of horses
carissa's weird
cat power

dude, if you got down this far and didnt read everything i wrote, read agian. if you got this far and liked it then you srsly have some amazing recommendations.

sorry for the long thread. it was worth it. trust me

oh and:
+1 for the mars volta. those guys are nuts!

def, not stuff you can sleep to, if you do you will drift off to a place and dream about slaying dragons or being some ultimate badass motherfucking warrior. so much energy!

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