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Updates/Happenings: November 2006 Archives

Great Success!

I consumed my first Mcrib of the season! It was glorious. Thanks to Kristin for the hot tip off.


ttyl, en route to The O.C. with my pal Kours.


wewt i fixed my blog. :)

The sidebar was all messed up, but I changed up the mt styles and now it's crisp and clean. expect me to change the my stylesheets everyonce in a while just because i get bored.


[download] A progressive house mix from me. Live @ Sherman Oaks (my apartment) :-P

So I got home from a BBQ in Santa Barbara on Sat night, opened up the laptop and proceeded to check the mix I recorded just hours earlier... except it was an hour and twenty minutes of silence. :(

So my roommate and my friend were hanging around in the family room so I busted out the controller and hit record on this. First 40 minutes are the same tracks I played in SB so you can hear what you missed. Tracklist tonight or tomorrow. :)

I'm happy with how it turned out, I hope to continue in this style. I love picking tracks like this. Very progressive and somewhat dark..

Right clicky, you know the deal. :)
download live@HOME Sherman Oaks

The weather was so nice this weekend.
oh, pics from the BBQ
Santa Barbara BBQ Meet and Mix

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