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hell ya free breakfast!

All kinds of bagels, muffins huge fruit platter, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, eggs.

OJ POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 worky. Thanks.

Today I get to check out the SEL (Sony Electronics) conference on the lot. Maybe i'll get to see a OMFG XOBOX HUEG 84inch TV.


I leave you with a quote from Old School.

Mitch Martin: True love is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend...

Record Review: John Mayer - Continuum

Here is what I originally wrote up on another review thread.. then I listened to it about 6 times.

The first Mayer record was pop gold! John Alagia is an excellent producer. I can't think of a better debut for the kid. I own it and I have probably listened to it 100 times.

The second CD had all the makings of a great but it was produced differently, while the songs flow in the same way Room for Squares did the CD is waaaaay overly compressed and it just makes it sound like shit.

Then Mayer had to try to ditch his pop stuff that made him famous and wants to compare himself to the blues greats that he grew up on (so he says) He said he started doing pop because it came get him better exposure but he wanted to play more blues.

New CD. Doesn't do it for me at all, sounds nothing like what made him famous, a few pop hooks, blues stringing guitar rhythm and a backing band on the album that are already famous in their own right.
John just cannot compare to this IMO. I think he should stick to writing more poprock because he excels dynamically at it.
After listening to it about 4 times people watching while walking the streets of San Francisco, fighting off bag ladies and beggers. I like the album a lot more now.

If you really want to absorb the album I suggest putting on some good headphones and go take a walk.

My favorite song on the album by far is Vultures.

Other notables are:
in no real particular order, my other favorites.

I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
In Repair

Wating on The World to Change is ok too, not a favorite. I'm not sure this should have been the first single.

Conclusion: Go buy it along with a ridiculous set of speakers or cans. :)


Yar! Happy Birthday to my second mate. Ye sister!

I think I posted the same this last year.

It's Mandy's birthday! It's also, international talk like a pirate day!

Talk like a pirate ya swank!

"It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain! "

I have virtually no ambiton to write any stories or update this anymore, work owns my life then I come home and just crash.

Weekend activities start on Friday, I got off of work early; so I write......

My buddy Ben came up from Costa Mexico this weekend and crashed on my couch. We planned to carpool to Nocturnal Wonderland on Saturday..I got home from work (we got off early; 3pm), got my haircut, sat around and Ben got here about 5ish?

We listened to some music and watched some old stuff on the Tivo (Family Guy: PTV, Sealab 2021: Stimutacs and Bizzaro!!!!)
Click here for the Stimutacs episode (thanks google video)

Then we decided to go to Basic for some damn good fucking house music at the King King.
We stayed there for a few hours, left at around 12. Spent a whole 15 dollars ($5 parking and two Stella Artois; mmmmm beer!)

Came home and watched Sasha and Digweed: Delta Heavy.

Saturday was madness: I am shitty at writing reviews so I will tailor Ben's review into this post:

so ben and i leave the apt at like 215ish and get to the nos events center at like 4ish. we go get our tickets and get in line. they didnt start letting anyone in till 430.

so we go get the id bracelets and get a beer. we hit up the breaks room where john david was playing. his set was actually pretty cool. i liked it but then again i like breaks. we then proceed to get some food and we took our food to alices house to sit on the grass.

we finished our food and walked around some more and then we sat on the grass in front of that pond thing. i see kris and michelle and run over and say hi and see sarah too. so then i tell them ill see them in a little while and me and ben sit and just chill for a bit.

we then go into the citrus room for eddie halliwell and man was he good. he has an awesome show and his personality he puts into it is cool too. he really shows that he loves what he does. stayed in there till Crystal Method came on in the breaks room and went over there for half the set then went back to labyrinth for IM. stayed inside till the last 20 mins or so and then came back in for the last 5 mins. we were all beat and ready to leave.

Highlight of the night: Rabbit in the Moon. blew me away agian.

Umm lets see, sunday I just sat around and then Reddick and I went to the Mor Bar for Kristina Sky's UNWIND.
I took pictures.
click for the photoLOG

Monday I slept all day and felt sick, then I got over it. Reddick, Dayna and I went to Outback Steakhouse in memory of the late Steve Erwin

R.I.P. Mate. :(
We also worked on some music stuff.

That is all.
Good day! w00t a 4 day work week. :)

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