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Updates/Happenings: May 2006 Archives

More updates from the uninspired

Boring lately. Although I went out to Spundae with the camera agian. Getting better results. Redbull and Vodka's sneak up on you though. Can't get many good pictures when you are sloshed. I think I did ok.

I am going to merge everything in my real gallery someday. Maybe when I get a new computer that can handle a real image editing program. Kristin and I went shopping Memorial day weekend in Simi before we went to my parents house to BBQ.

I want a Macbook so bad! I played with one at the Apple store in Simi! Everything was at least three times faster then mine. :(

I found some awesome sales. A $180 sportcoat for $30 and half off a pair of lucky jeans. Maybe women will pay attention to me with a coat that makes me look important.

Things I have done recently:
Updated myspace profile.
Mounted Sirius radio permantly in car
Did home improvement and put up a shade
Bought a drill
Washed my car
Went Mountian biking with my friend Steve:
^^ did not die with my front tire in a HUGE rut.

found jesus cheeto on internet?

New photos:
Spundae 5-26-06

joke day..

A young family moves into their first house. A few weeks after they move in, construction begins on the empty lot next door.

The 5 year old daughter becomes fascinated with the construction and is always watching the workers out the window. After about a week of this, she starts going out and watching them up close.

Before long, the construction workers have kind of adopted the kid and give her simple jobs to do. Fetch that hammer. Pick up those nails and put them in the bucket. Things to keep her busy and let her feel important.

A couple weeks go by and the workers decide to throw a few bucks into an envelope and give it to her as her first "paycheck". Its only a few dollars, but it makes her extremely happy and she runs home to show her mom.

Her mom decides that this is a great chance to teach her some valuable lessons, so they drive down to the bank to open her first savings account.

At the bank, the girl and mother relate the entire story to the teller who congratulates her on her "job". At which point, the teller asks the girl, "So are you going to work there again next week?"

The little girl smiles and replies, "Hopefully, if the assholes at Home Depot ever deliver the fucking plywood."


Any plans for the weekend?

Any BBQ?

Beers beers beers! After all, it's the "official start of summer."

I have a feeling this is going to be one summer not soon forgotten.

Why, might you ask?

Giant Village
Europe (sadly, not this year, plans fell through)

Will work for Canon zoom lens.

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead." - Anon

Has is really been almost a month since I said big update coming soon, damn. Any I have been busy living so here is that big update I had been promising. Not very many pics I decided, whats the point really? The only pics that really count are the good ones. The little camera rarely captures memories of that magnitude. Lets see what have I been up to..

Back in May I went to the Mor Bar and brought my camera with me.
Pics from Mor Bar

I jammed on some sweet tunes and helped David at his new jobby job. (congrats) moving his small (hahaha) office and tons of 20 inch flat panel monitors into a new pimp officespace in Beverly Hills. We worked all night, afternoon and then took our Chipotle loving taste buds down and got some Pop quizes for free burritos. Chipotle does taste better when it's free.

May 17th a few friends took a trip down to Mexico (Rosarito Beach) and saw Tiesto do a sunrise set on the beach. Pic..

That was amazing. All I had to eat all weekend was tacos. beer and water. Taco's are amazing..

I bought a new HDTV and in celebration we need to host more movie nights, so, any good movies anyone wants to come over and watch be my guest. Pop some kernels, grab some brew, and take a seat on our sweet ass couch.
Couch Pic link

Kristin helped me unpack and throw away a bunch of useless stuff in my room then we went to Chipotle with Dav and Diane. I want a macbook and a linux server. I finally feel like I am totally moved into my apartment. Only 5 months later, I setup my tv, dvd player and then we watched Back to the future in 1080i.
EIGHTY EIGHT MILES PER HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^!@#$%^@#$%

That about concludes my weekends up until this current day.

Time to start dating agian.

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