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Updates/Happenings: January 2006 Archives

Benihana! Heaven, Spundae, and how my friend Malia talked me into a Hula Hoop!

Friday was a usual day at work, fixing people crazy computers and Kristin got paid! Allan's Birthday was January 10th so, since we all had money Kristin took Allan out to Benihana on Ventura! It was my second time at that fabulous place since. My birthday of 2002, when I was still dating Sucharee. I had the steak and shrimp meal which was AWESOME. I loves me some wachahaha crazy cooking in front of me. We were stuffed. Went back home...
Allan had free tickets for Heaven from last weeks NYE adventure. Nobody else wanted to go. I went to support the local LA DJ's and I figured i'd meet some more friends.. I was right.. Christopher Reddick's friend Amber came in from Ohio so we had to show her a good time. After she totally destroyed her camera, got trashed, Chris and I strolled around Hollywood blvd with Amber in tow. We wanted to hitup afterhours at the Spider Club but Amber was tired and there were so many Trendy people and LA bitches. We went back to Reddicks pad and he spun some trance until 4am, amber passed out and I went home. Quotes of the night were:
Amber: I banged you, pay for my hotdog.
Reddick: Amber, eat the weiner.
Me: Amber, watch out Frogger!!!

Pics from Club Heaven on Friday

Saturday was a kick it with my parents day, mail some bills, do some laundry and then I went to dinner with Steve and Leslie. An exlemplary couple and one of my oldest friends. Est: 4th grade. We had goodtimes talking about how many insane things we did during highschool, some people we havn't seen in years, and how much rukkus we actually caused with Leslie present. lawl.

Saturday night was a Spundae night and my introduction into the world of Hula. D:fuse was playing and it wasn't as packed as usual because a lot of people were at Ferry Corsten, including Reddick and Amber. I have seen him way too much so, time for a free night out. Glowing eggs, Hula, LOTS OF DANCING. AWESOME!! almost losing my credit card to the bar were all adventures in themselves.

Pictures from Spundae Sat

Sunday morning, I was awakend by Malia jumping on my bed and then bracing for me to attack her. I, however, responded non-violently so, she got a hug and I got a cinnamon roll! :-P Yea, she made connamon rolls. mm mmm
She also scheduled her Hula-Hoop group gathering in Santa Monica.. How did she get me there? I was lured by the beach, fantastic weather and I was the official photo dude. See, great pictures ensued.
After the meet I went to dinner with my friends Mike, Jerome and Lydia.

Then, Malia and I went to Mor Bar in Santa Monica for a little drop-off camera card action for Reddick and soaked up some more music before drudgingly making our way back to work Monday morning, ;)

Pictures from Malia's Hula Hoop group, Santa Monica, Ca

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