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First night at the new apartment.

Found an open wireless access point right away, full signal. :)

our phone is getting installed new week, our directtv is getting installed after we get a phone line, and the dsl is coming right after we get the phone number.
weeeeeeeeeeee oh man, you don't know how much shit you have to move until you have to pack and unpack it all.

tomorrow is monster massive and I think kristin and I are going to IKEA! I need a night stand, a table for my lamp and a new computer desk.

night night, i'm tired it's just after 3am.

Finally moving tonight!

So, after work i'm picking up my roommate and helping her move all her stuff. We are cruising by the apt and picking up my shit and grabbing the Durango for the rest of my stuff. (bed, dresser, clothes etc.) hopefully we can get everything in it's right place.

Woo hooo for me!

In other news, it's Friday!!!!

Weekend recap, we don't need no education..

we don't need no thought control!

Friday Kristin and and signed the lease! The place is nice and hopefully, we can have everything installed in the house in time for Monster Massive!!!!

So, after we sign the lease we get some Tasty In-N-out.. mm it's right around the corner from us! Hop in the G-ride WRX and head over to the hollyweird pad. I get some sparks, barely crack one and bjorn shows up! We take a closed can of sparks down to Arena while bjorn drives! (Thanks man) and Gil la plays an awesome set. We go outside, go inside, and had to double fist some drinks and then I remember not walking agian, going to del taco and i don't remember what time it was. giggity giggity!

Saturday I woke up, went back to my house, messed around on the computer then went over to Davids and picked up a SWEET COUCH! David's mom made dinner and it was all good. Thanks for the couch pal. mmmm those shrimp were good!

Sat night was Spundae, Kristin forgets her ID so we had t go back to the house and then on the way in for the second time we run into Kyle and Aaron! There was some cheese trance but I would have appreciated some breaks more at this point. I saw Swedish Egil who i've been listening to since 1998 he spins trance now? Oh at least it was classic stuff cause I don't hear that anymore. We met a few other peeps and Kyle is going to Monster Massive too. Ima dress up like a sweet pirate YAR!

I am packing all my shit in boxes, MANY MANY DUSTBUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*(#$%^&*@#$%^&*(

Pics from Heaven

Pics from Spundae right HERE

Signing the lease today......

I ordered Adelphia :( digital cable and Internet. No DVR available makes me a sad panda. I have the option of canceling it anyways if it turns out I can get DirectTV in the apt. I will find that out today after we drop our WTFBBQ deposit.

Moving is going to be crazy, my dad says he bet we can move my whole room in 2 trips.


Solarstone and TA local's at Club Heaven tonight!

Updates to come....

Hell yea! We got apt. Weeeeeeeeeee

I went and looked at a nice place tonight and signed the application in 15 minutes. On the way home I got a call back from Mr Li. WE GOT THE APARTMENT!!!!!!

I have a shitload of stuff to pack!
Sherman Oaks, Hello. :)

I have returned from Sin City unscathed.

Vegas update:
We arrived at around 2am, checked into our room. Went out to eat at Pink's (yes the hollywood original) inside the Alladdin, walked back to our hotel, got a drink (vodka-tonic) as a nitecap, and passed out @ close to 5am.

I had a few naps on the way in, listening to Sigur Ros, Armin Van Buuren, Incubus and Tiesto and the ipod on shuffle. It was a fantastic idea to bring it because music is fun to rest to.

Sat we woke up, ate at Sonic, and walked around Mandalay Bay and Luxor, Rudi wanted to see the Shark Reef but it was $16 each. Meh. Checked back into our other room at the hotel, cleaned up, then started drinking!

Margarita's by the yard! Walking around LV Blvd. being drunken fools! By the time we got back to our hotel Sucharee and Rudi were so tired, but I had more time to explore on my own.

I met some crazy B-Boy dancers, people from LA while I down another frozen concoction. mmmm I watched the band in the Circusarea of Harrah's and took some pictures!

Notable moments from the weekend:
Sucharee passing out at the Chinese buffet.
Crazy Hawaiian Ravers with FIRE FIRE! FUEGO!
Street dancers at Harrah's

Pictures from Vegas Trip October 2005

effitty effin a. still on our way to vegas

I don't know what the hell is happening, all I know is my phone doesn't support javascript so I can't check.

We left downey @ just before 9pm and we are 40 miles from vegas doing 20mph at the most. Fuck the 15!

There was a brush fire back a ways but that wasn't holding up traffic, what could it be?

We should have left this afternoon. :(

Oh wells, updates ahoy from the road, ttyl.

Post weekend wrap up.

Friday night I got a meep from Kristin to see if we wanted to go cosmic bowling. I obliged and put down some sweet strikes. I wasn't doing too bad but Kristin was bowling all crazy and got a few strikes and some pins down. Damn, bowling ended about 2am and I bowled a 175 I think.

On saturday...while Kristin was, getting drunk and playing zelda I saw Ferry Corsten @ Avalon for the L.E.F. Residency opening night at Avaland.
I rolled out with Kyle and Aaron; here is my recap and then here is someone elses review from TA

Saw Ferry Corsten @ Avalon for the kickoff residency party. Victor Dinare opened for him and threw down some SICK tracks. He got the crowd pumped up hard and by thetime Ferry Went on It was fucking packed, we were so tired we left @ 5am and he just kept spinning! The crowd wouldn't give up either, amazing, pics soon.
Went to taco bell @ 5:30 in the morning.

and a more detailed review, never agian will I leave early knowing that there are that many party people still in the house..

hold on right there, Ferry came on at 1am and was supposed to stop at 5am. We were treated to a special gift from Ferry and to us hardcore fans. Let's call it a ONE HOUR+ encore!!!!! Ok so there was a glimmer of hope and maybe this was part of the 'Ferocious' thing. Ferry would just not stop playing! The sound system got cut off shortly after 5am and Ferry kept rocking out to his monitors, not knowing that the club's sound system had been killed off. Ferry continued playing nonetheless and even turned the monitors to face towards the crowd! This was one of the most ultimate things ever! LOL. Finally after a song or 2 where the entire dance floor was dancing to the sound coming out of the monitors...the sound system came back on when he dropped Gouryella - Gouryella. This song destroyed the dance floor. It was this last "encore" hour that made the night for me. It deminded me of why Ferry is one of my favorite DJ's.

some songs I remember he played (in no particular order):
Ferry Corsten - Cubikated
Airbiscuit - Lately (Riley & Durant Remix)
FB ft. Edun - Whos knocking? (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Fischerspooner - Never win (Benny Benassi Remix)
Ferry Corsten - Its time (Flashover mix)
Ferry Corsten - Sublime (THrillseekers Remix)
Ferry Corsten - Punk
Ferry Corsten - I love you
Gouryella - Gouryella
William Orbit - Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Ferry Corsten - Rock your body rock
Dogzilla - Without you
Recluse - Emotional Void <---i think Ferry played it, maybe Victor
Ferry Corsten - Fire
Ferry Corsten - Galaxia
DJ Tiesto - UR (Junkie XL Remix)
BT feat. JC Chasez - The Force Of Gravity (Ferry Corsten Remake)
Kuffdam and Plant - Summer Dream (Stoneface and Terminal)

thats all I remember for now. It sounded like the usual stuff he plays. Stuff from his Creamfields and Passport:Kingdom of the Netherlands cd's and also his latest productions. Man Cubikated is wicked. I wish he had dropped Marc Marberg - Guarana. That song is choon and 'ferocious'.


Saturday is Armin Van Buuren @ Spundae, thisis going to be a great night out and i'm going to meet a bunch of tranceaddict people.

here is the photogallery, I am still working on the script that lets everyone view the video from that night.

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