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Updates/Happenings: September 2005 Archives

Lets get up and lets get ill!


Currently Listening to: Armin Van Buuren: Live @ Creamfields. Roland Klinkenberg - Melting Point (Armin bootleg mix)

Happy Birthday to me!

I spent the night at Kristin's last night, we drank some cheap wine and I opened my birthday cards at midnight.
She made chocolote cupcakes and put 5 candles on one, thanks, that was awesome.

Today and tomorrow she has a temp job in westwood, we woke up and I dropped her off on the way into work.

We got out of the house real late because the alarm was set for 6:30pm. oops.


Best cupcake pictAr ever!

I have school tonight and I have to finish some shitty report @ lunch.

I upgraded to Gallery2 and last two weeks pics are online.

YAY, finally, after watchign Allan and Kristin mess around with their G2 installs for months I finally upgraded my install today.
The sidebar will redirect you and we're ready to rock and roll!

Pics from the last two weeks

DJ Irene @ Spundae 9-10-05

Tania Mann, Kristina Sky and Kayu vs. Albert @ Spundae 9-17-05

2 MORE DAYS UNTIL SAN FRANCISCO!!!! one more day until my birthday!!!!!!@#$%@#$%^&@$%^

Happy Birthday Mandy!

My dear lil' sis is 23 today!!!!!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend of doing whatever the hell you wanted! :) Bowling and getting wrecked. <3

Weekend wrap up

Friday fun was more beer and dinner @ David's. John and DIane came over. We had pasta with sauce, peppars and mushrooms. Danny tried to convince everyone to come over and watch a chick flick with 8 people cramming in his room and watch the projector. ;) It was hot in there, we stopped by Wolf Creek brewery and got two jugs of their stuff. it wasn't that good imo. Mine tasted like butter. I passed out on the couch.

Woke up , went to CHIPOTLE for lunch, waited for Sucharee and Rudi to get here. We had plans to install a Perrin rear sway and shifter bushings. They were supposed to be here @ 2pm, no, 4pm, no 5pm :( I got tired of waiting for them and by the time they got here I tried to make short work on the car but the Perren sway bar mounts fucking suck. They were home and Dav, Allan, Kristin and I went to Spundae It was awesome. Tania Mann played a great set with the pppowerbook by her side, she closed out her set with Above and Beyond - AIr for Life <3 that song!@#$%^& can't wait to see A&B at the SF Love Parade!!!.

While Tania was playing "Rachael Starr - Till there was you" some girl came up to me and asked her if I liked the song, well of course, I was singing it. So she said, "yea, it's mine" whoa, Rachael Starr. She said she was singing up in the loft @ 12:30.. so time goes by nad Dav and I go up to see her. She gives away a few cd's but she ran out, I asked her if she had anymore but instead I got a REKKARD! "Till there was you" single, signed. That was very nice of her, thanks!
When I move ima gonna bust out my parents old turntable and we gonna have a Vinyl PARTAAY!

Kristina Sky played great too and she ended her set with a 1-2 by Purple Haze - Adrenaline and Delerium - Silence!!!

Kyau and Albert are from Germany and they rocked it good, lots of energy and yelling from the booth!! We got hotdog with BACON agian and then went back to Kristin's where we chilled out and listened to Tiesto and Kimball Collins! We went home...

Sunday I didn't do anything until 5pm when meep:kristin said, "wanna goto a free movie" so we saw Red Eye and Transporter 2 back to back then went to Denny's for fooooood. Red Eye was ok Transporter 2 kicked ass. We needed another awesome driving and ass kicking movie with lots of crazy stunts!
We wanted food from Daphnes Greek Cafe but the effin manager was too busy on the phone for over 10 minutes and we walked out without him even acknowledging us, great work slick!

A good weekend!! 4 more days till San Francisco and 3 more days until my birthday!@#$%^&*(

Listening partay with wine and Gucamole @ Dav's.

Yesterday was more drinking! LIEK whoah drunka on a Monday night!

More taking advantage of the no parents! Dav invited some friends over to listen to the Maggies, he said to bring some of their favorite CD's and get ready to be blown away! After the love affair with them agian on Sat they sounded even better now.

they brought some crazy Ambient stuff and some Jazz it sounded good. Andy raided the wine cellar and brought over a '94 Cabernet Sauvignon, SHIT YEA that was some good wine! We also drank some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Sapporo. I made an ipod playlist and it totally kicked ass.

San Francisco in less then TWO WEEKS! and it looks like our Vegas trip is BOOKED!! :) wooo wee.

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