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I think Panda Express just went a little too 21st century for me.

My fortune: If you cannot find wisdom from within, try the internet.


Saturday night THE UNABRIDGED VERSION! (now with %50 more drunka)

My gallery is broken at the moment, pictures will be availible upon request at another URL. Once the gallery is fixed I will have the highlights up under weekend parties and events.

This whole Saturday:
I wake up around 12:00 and around 1:30pm head over to IKEA with my mom. I was looking for closet organizers or a futon/sofa bed. This could have been a quick and easy sale for me, unfortunately I didn't find anything I was looking for. Friday, I told Kristin that after she was free on Sat, around 3pm, that I would be willing to goto IEKA, I didn't have plans earlier for an IKEA trip until my mom brought it up. I figured, if I go with mom and I see something I like she said she would buy it, that sound like an easy deal for me....
Around 3pm: I am eating lunch at IKEA; swedish meatballs and potatos. I get an AIM from Kristin.
Her: meep, IKEA? I am on my way home. ttyl.
I laugh quietly to myself, lol I'm @ IKEA right now.
::::::::::::::::in transit to my house::::::::::::::take a shower:::::::::drive to pickup Kristin:::::::
I arrive at Kristins and doh, I forgot the alcohol and my camera, this can't be right. We decide to goto IKEA because she knows what she wants and since my house is only around 20 minutes away we can retreive what I forgot to pack. Sound like a plan. Kristin gets a coffee table and I drive to my house. She meets my parents and the OMFG HUEG CAT!!!!11 it was funny because the neighbors cat is the biggest lardass in the world. TUBBY! We are bumping an Adam Freeland set in the car.

:::::arrive @ Kristins, start drinking, setup coffee table. Oh joy, we have somewhere to set our drinks. :)

The Crystal Method, Adam Freeland and Hybrid @ Avalon

We start drinking and make plans to walk down Hollywood blvd since it's nice out, 1.5 miles from Fuller and Hollywood to Hollywood and Vine. We walk, and drink, (we put magic juice in our waterbottles, it was the best idea ever!)

When we walk up to Avalon it is effing packed! We find out the show is sold out, thats ok, I got tickets online. The guy at the door directs us to the line and we wait about 15 minutes, I pull a steller move and we cut in halfway. Just a few minutes after that, I find out this is the WRONG line, and our line for willcall has NO WAIT! It's tight! We walk in.

Crystal Method JUST went on and they are r0x0ring the house, I meet up with my friend Sean. Kristin and I start drinking. We get lost mutiple times but due to the wonders of the Sidekick 2 we find our way. We got totally trashed, holy shit! I ran into some random guy from my work and he bought me another drink, now i'm holding two walking around in a stupor having the time of my life. I lose Kristin somewhere i the crowd and between us both passing out in different places, our AIM conversation looking something like this.
Very inebriated conversation ahead, it's impossible to see the keys....

traxors: Omfg adan111222
traxors: Whre u at?? Kiklololol
This must have been when Adam Freeland took the stage
i luve yew: I'm outside
traxors: Okay
traxors: Still
traxors: I'm next to sean hit me up
i luve yew: [AWAY] CRYSTAL METHOD. HYBRID AND ADAM FREELAND!@#$%^&*&^%$#^%&**&^%*&^ meep!
traxors: I willll come wof u
i luve yew: iim fuckin wrecked
i luve yew: ack
I think we're all quite the druinka
i luve yew: some girl wants me to tell her  of  I'm trashed
i luve yew: lol
traxors: Omh wjerem whete ate u ???,,,1
i luve yew: [AWAY] CRYSTAL METHOD. HYBRID AND ADAM FREELAND!@#$%^&*&^%$#^%&**&^%*&^ meep!
Translation, OMFG I SAY WHERE YOU AT!!!! Adam fucking freeland just took the stage, holy shit I can't see
i luve yew: I'm upstairs right stairs
i luve yew: I meant left
traxors: Whree
i luve yew: upstairs ledt stairs
i luve yew: trahed
traxors: Yeaaaa

The night ends like this, some girl starting taking care of Kristin giving her water and shit while I located her on the stairs up left no right. :-D haha

After that we KNEW it was time to leave. haha I think it was around 2am
I hailed a cab and we got in, the cab driver went the wrong way on Hollywood blvd. for $2.80 and we got back to the apt in time to pass out in our respected places.

I had alot of fun, Adam Freeland is the man! Crystal Method pwned the crowd. We never got to see Hybrid because they went ON at 3am.

Hybrid comes back to Avalon June 11th 2005.

How my friend David turned me into an audiophile quality whore.

David is all about the rave for higher quality audio, he has many cd's that he bought plus full quality copies. I first heard his ribbon speakers at a party last year, Magneplaners sound so amazing.

Fast forward, I find my speakers are alot more capable then what I had thought previously. I mean, nowhere in the ballpark of 6 foot tall monsters, but enough to make you enjoy your material at a reasonable volume.

Last week I bought some Tiesto CD's. Nanya and Summerbreeze, my sister is out of town so I had a chance to test out my quality source material, surely cd's can't sound THAT much better. I cranked it up to seventy five and leaned back....

I was wrong.

Holy shit, what a day.

All day crawling around on my hands and knees hooking up cables, I nearly put a nice hole in my head from the edge of a heatsink on an AVID video editing machine.

Good lord I need a drink or three.

Tonight I have ALOT of TV to catch up on.

IMFG The O.C., The Sheild, and Scrubs. I have been busy getting multiple flat tires and having my car modded.

I *heart* tivo.

Ok, off to home and maybe i'll stop by friday's for an icebreaker.

Class! Wait, No class! = Margarita's and Subaru meet.

So, we get to class yesterday and wait around for a half hour to 45 min. Then the admin guy comes in and says class is automagically canceled! Woo. My group and I head over to El Torito for Margaritas!

We divided the square root of Margarita's + the total Tequila Shot = X over how many it would take us to get fucked up. :-D We also pretended it was a girls birthday and they sung a happy song en espanol'.

Then, I went to harpers for the Subaru meet, we patronized the business and went in to have a drink. Wed is karioke night.


An old guy, really old, sung and improvised Afro Man = Cause I got high. As I was gasping for breath I nearly choked on my beer. OMFG you had to be there. I also took Sean for a ride in ym car which now has a flash, uppipe and downpipe, holy shit, my car pulls hard!

Friday's and cyn's with bimmer fanatics!

I was chilling at Friday's talking with some of my sisters friends, turns out they are bimmer heads. One has a 2001 m5, other guy has an e46 323 with tons of mods, and the last, an e21 series.

So, we were talking about going to the cyns someday, then we decided to go right now.

So, I just got home.

Interesting time, we're chillin at the top of Mulholland, overlooking Rock Store with a bunch of other guys, a cop comes up and basically says, last one to the car is a rotton egg. Night over..

I made some new friends.

Night, don't forget to set your clocks ahead.

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