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Per me, I created this entry.

I love the word Per, it sounds so professional.

I can transfer a ticket over between people, or use it in email and it sounds awesome everytime.

Per this, Per that, Per the motherfucking boss, etc.

Oh snappity snap! I got a flat tire on the way into work.

I think I ran over something on the offramp coming into work. The car felt a little funny, a piece of something took a nice chunk out of the middle of my nice RE070. :( The air was leaking fast.

I caught it when I was on the way to a remote location with my coworker, we tried to fill it up with air, but it's dead.

I'm pimping the spare.
Good news, I have full road hazard protection from America's tire. I get a new tire if I have an unrepairable tire.

Time to put on the stockers when I get home.


I threw the peace sign to the man in the moon and he just smiled.

Sucharee was bored, Rudi is out of town.
I kept her company and we went out for a little night on the town.

Place: The Block in Orange.
Where: Lucky strike and Dave and Busters.
Conclusion: Kicking rad night!

Sucharee got her hair bleached it looks hot! Pics soon!

We started at Lucky Strike, we were going to bowl but it was too expensive and all the lanes were taken already. We had some good food. During our dining experience the Absolut vodka people were out in force. The chick came around and gave people $3.00 off drinks and then a super magician. The rubber bands pass right through eachother it's AAMAZING!

We went over to Dave and Busters, that was awesome. I only bought one drink and all the games were free on me because I had two left over D&B players cards with alot of credits on them.

We nabbed a bunch of cards that people thought were not good and used their 1.8 credits to use the candy claw! We got mad loot. We stayed there until last call and they kicked everyone out. Sucharee passed out in the car on the way home.

Goodnight, thanks for calling.

edit: here are pictArs!
Teh Cuteness (i think i'm still allowed to say that) and an artsy, both inside Dave and Busters.

Malibu goes emo.

Thurs I went to Chipotle with David and Jenn. Dav helped me with my math and we transfered some tunes over at Starbucks. Jenn let me know that there was a Something Corporate show at Pepperdine and I was welcome to come. It was Friday @ 7pm and it happens that I had Friday off due to "Good Friday." Anyday off for me not expected is good.

I arrived @ the school a little before 5pm to catch tickets at the door, Jenn and David came down any we had innout, they brought the giant truck. They gave us wristbands for in's and out privledges. We didn't really care for the opening bands and it was fricking cold. We all went back to the cars to listen to music and crank up the heater!

We got back to watch the last opening band perform and then SC came on. They were very good, they performed a bunch of songs from North as well as their other albums. The highlight of the night had to be Konstintine followed by You C Jordan.

All the kids were ready to cry and cut themselves to FEEL!!!!! Give me a sharp object, I'M SO EMO!

After that Dav and I went to BJ's on Canoga and put down some pizza and appitizers. That was good!

Thanks Dav and Jenn. :)

This audio noob reports: Took a listen at some Martin Logan's this weekend.

David and I were price checking laser printers this weekend when the allure of a Martin Logan sign in the window of Magnolia Audio/Video, (a.k.a. we are Best Buy but we sell really expensive stuff.)

As we walked in we were wondering where the heck they keep all their really big floorstanding models. We found them in one of the listening rooms.
David is a pretty big audiophile with a big pair of Maggies and a nice listening room. While I, due to fundage and space contraints only own an Athena AS-B1 pair with matching sub and an Onkyo sr-500.

At first listen they came off as pitchy and and integrated subwoofer in the bottom sounded a bit boomy, the seperate powered subwoofer was off, as well as the center channel.
We put on a sting cd we were both familiar with and in the end both of us were not too impressed. They were missing a whole lot of midrange and the highs were too tweety.
I like the idea of the electrostatic but so far, we have not found anything that suits our tastes more then the Planars. Even I thought my bookshelves sounded better and more punchy.


I forgot the model we listened too but I beleive it was the Ascent i or the Aeon i. They wanted alot for them.

Another short weekend of hangovers, homework, and magical juice.

Friday I met Mandy at ye olde Friday's and we all got trashed, my sister has lots of hot friends and acquaintances. 4 AMF's and a beer gave me a hangover the next day.

Sat: Meh. I was supposed to goto Bodyworlds 2 with the guys from Ars forums but I woke up late. With a hangover. Oh wells. I did laundry the rest of the day and then went back to Friday's and waited for some magic to happen. Kiristin called me and I met Allan, Kevin and some people at Le' Cannon. After that we all got nice drinking food at Denny's. This is the perfect time for breakfast, 1:30 in the morning. :)

Sun: I woke up around noon, downloaded some stuff, and finished with some DVD's. Watched Teh O.C. and David called me and I met him and his mom at Fry's and we took a little trip to scope out some prices on color laser printers. We stopped by Magnolia and I wrote a post about our exp. there.
After that David and I went to CHIPOTLE CHIPOTLE CHIPOTLE. I've never been and now I got invited into the world of big Burritos and groovy tunes. Thanks for the homework help Dav.

Live life accordingly.

As I walk around the lot on my way to lunch I notice familar faces. Everyone and everything is buzzing with business as usual on a Monday. Weekly reports, paperwork, and fire drills.

My workload just got a hell of a lot bigger. No matter how much food you have on your plate I have learned to abide by one simple rule. Live by the FIFO baby!

First In First Out.

The corporate machine owns me.

mmmm Cinnamon raisin bagel's

With butter for one and cream cheese for the other.

Hey look, I can make my shit look just like LJ.

Current mood: :O Hungry.
Current song: DJ Quik - Let's Get Down

oh noes more drinking and shopping.

Sidekick post!! Waiting for cheesecake factory @ oaks mall. All of us went to blue bar last night. I got trashed again and passed out on allans couch. We woke up late and ate at Dameon and pythius in the calabasas commons. It was good. Then we went to the oaks mall to shop we left to goto target to find the game scene it. We saw it at urban outfitters but went to target to get it at a lower price. We came back to the mall because they did not have the deluxe version. Werd.

Last night was drunkaholicorama a few drinks that included a few amf's. Kristin gave me a homework assignment to talk to sparkle chick but I failed and tried to hit on some broad on the dance floor. Now everyone report to the dancefloor. Alright stop.. Pajama time.

The cheesecake factory mofrickin buzzer hasn't gone off yet. Its been at least 25 minutes.

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