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Updates/Happenings: February 2005 Archives

Playing Doctor for the day.

I am so swamped at work> While I am installing software and eating my snickers, I have created a new phobia and diagnosed myself with it.

Vendenditus:The fear that vending machines are going to take my money and not give me anything in return.

Learn me about: potholes.

Potholes, I know they are holes in the street. duh.

Lately, with all this rain in socal, potholes are popping up left and right. Some look like they have been dug out with a shovel, gravel spilled all over the road. Why is this?

How can potholes just magically be dug into the street, besides small sinkholes... People are not doing burnouts or braking on the once repaired portion of the street. WTF?

I am confused.

Home> Updates/Happenings: February 2005 Archives

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