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Updates/Happenings: January 2005 Archives

We just went gigabit at the house & i am trying to learn to touch type.

I pulled into my brand new dell gig switch last night. I am getting download speed of something around 200MB per second. :) this pretty much maxes out my powerbook harddrive. it's totally freeking sweet.

Other good news I am trying to learn how to touch try to touch type. but first I need to get my fingers seperated from my brain. I am forcing my fingers to not leave the desk while I almost know where all the keys on thw keyboard are. Now i see why people use ergonomic keyboards because my left hand is already kind of sore from sitting on the desk instead of a wristpad.

I am aware that that post looked like one giant run of sentence. :)

Oh, edit. OMG New O.C. episode tonight.

I just ordered my new geek toy.

Snoop dogg sez: "Everybody needs a sidekick II cuz!"

I ordered it yesterday, no worries, I am keeping the same phone number.
Join the club!

Paris Hilton: "Snoop does his own laundry, that's HOT!"

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