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Updates/Happenings: September 2004 Archives

Picked up *gasp* a BOOK?

Stop being a hater, and learn to love The O.C.

It stared me down in the checkout line, I read a few pages and it had me.
I only went to Fry's with my mom to get two cat5 cables, I plan on relocating my laser printer and wiring up my Linux server instead of running it off wireless.


I washed my car and did laundry too.
Now I have to finish up my homework.


HAY GUYS!! it's mandy's birthday (and carnival time!!)

Today is Mandy's birthday, she's 22. Yay. The family went to Red's for lunch and celebrated both of our birthday's. Then I joined my sister and her friends to the annual Simi Valley Days; a carnival. I was taking pictures with my new Canon sd110 and they turned out great. Here is a link.


Watching Kill Bill 2 surfing on the airport.

At my friend Kours house watching Kill Bill 2 surfing wireless on my new Powerbook, I brought the movie that I got from netflix. :)

<3 my Powerbook.

Today's events consisited of: Building and configuring my new Fedora server, Adding music to my itunes library, syncing my cell phone with my address book via bluetooth.

I am detrimental to my wallet.

I picked up a new camera yesterday, my Nikon finally bit the dust.
All the pictures came out blurry. I need something to take pictures with or I feel naked.
This Canon is a great price, it's better picture quality then my last. It's also smaller and faster.

Garden State

Diane came down and we saw Garden State tonight: The result, surreal and astonishing!

I absolutely LOVED it! I watched the whole movie with eyes wide open. Great characters, movie was very easygoing and it was funny too.

It made me feel warm inside and made me want to explore my world, just leave and find a new life.

Garden State Movie Website

I sold my Fujitsu laptop and ordered a new Powerbook and ipod!

OMG This is gonna be gorgeous. :)
Thanks to Apple's EDU discount, cram and jam rebate going on. I got the powerbook for a great price and the ipod for only $69. When you buy a laptop and an ipod you get a $200 rebate.

My computing experience will now be Applelicious.


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