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I am aurally obsessed with this Panda Bear.

  • July 27, 2007 9:17 AM
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Panda Bear _ Person Pitch
Few have come to appreciate progression in music today. Most of todays pop bands sound like one note, rehashed and bland to me.

The first time I stumbled upon this record i knew I had something that mattered, something that was deep and absolutely had no songs about panda bears running through the forests eating bamboo.

This record swells, swoons and lures you into the dark almost melancholic sounds of "Comfy in Nautica" the chants and lala's are perfectly in time, like a record.

"Bros" is my favorite track on the album.

Panda Bear is the alias used by experimental musician Noah Lennox of Animal Collective, Jane and Together. He plays drums during Animal Collective's live shows. He chose the name Panda Bear because he drew a picture of a panda on one of the first recordings he made.

hey man what's your problem don't you know that i don't belong to you it's hard and hard enough to keep it up when everything is so new

i'm not trying to forget you
i just like to be alone
come and give me the space i need
and you may and you may
and you may and you may and you may
find that we're alright
i'm not trying to forget you
i just like to be my own
come and give me the space i need
and you may and you may
and you may and you may and you may
find that we're alright

i mean no offense to you
but grow up
can't you just grow up?
when are you going to
give it your own go?
give it your own go
i know i'm being way too hard
but i know that i'm trying

i know myself
and i know what i want to do
i'm doing my best
and i want to know
is it good for you?
you give me trouble
you give me everything that you've got
ill show you that
what's right for you me
ain't for you

don't look out for me

who are you to tell me how
when you've problems of your own
i do love you and
i want to hold on to you for always

Coffee + Hot Chocolote: Monday mornings.....

  • July 23, 2007 11:04 AM
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Coffee + Hot Chocolote: Monday mornings.....
Verdict = not bad... not bad at all.
Current Musics:
The National - Start a War

The weather here this morning is almost tropical. I guess it rained a little more last night after I got home....
I was in Malibu last night BBQ'ing and listening to the wind, it started raining. I loved it; warm, cool, inviting ocean rain. Rez, Sara and friends went for a hike up a road/street at Pepperdine and chilled out until the clouds rolled in... I wish I could capture the sunset from last night.. It was a very orange sky with light rays skewed out from it's base of the cumulonimbus..

I hurried back to my Subaru as the pitterpatter cooled the asphalt and listened to Martin Garcia; he is a tribal/progressive DJ from Argentina. Rez said he felt like he was in the rainforest and Toucan Sam was going to start dancing. :)

What an end to a great weekend...

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

  • July 16, 2007 2:04 PM
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Trinity was the first test of a nuclear weapon. It was conducted by the United States on July 16, 1945, at a location 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, on what is now White Sands Missile Range, headquartered near Alamogordo. Trinity was a test of an implosion-design plutonium bomb—the same type of weapon used on Nagasaki, Japan, a few weeks later. The detonation was equivalent to the explosion of around 20 kilotons of TNT, and is usually considered as the beginning of the Atomic Age.


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