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I was never really an accomplished writer..

  • January 27, 2007 1:29 PM
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So I'll let John Brady from NPR review the new Shins record titled 'Wincing the night away'

Link to article with NPR AUDIO commentary LISTEN.

The Shins, 'Wincing the Night Away' (Sub-Pop Recordings)

Day to Day, January 23, 2007 · Wincing the Night Away is the third full-length album of indie popsters, The Shins. The group gained widespread notice for the songs they contributed to the soundtrack of 2004's Garden State.

Wincing resonates with the sounds of Echo and the Bunnymen and My Bloody Valentine, bands that lead singer and guitarist James Mercer listened to while growing up. Intense visuals in the lyric make the album sound like a script to a particularly bizarre animated film. The music is strikingly accessible, and the compositions are full of hooks and lovely melodies..........

Nerd Alert: MacFUSE.. omfg.

  • January 11, 2007 8:53 PM
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January 11, 2007 @ 7:33PM - posted by Clint Ecker

Light the FUSE, the MacFUSE
Amit Singh of Mac OS X Internals and current employee of Google, has announced the release of MacFUSE, a package that allows users to write and take advantage of arbitrary filesystem modules. I'll give you some background information, but rest assured that this is cool stuff.

FUSE was originally developed in the Linux world as a filesystem (like what you browse in the finder, or over the network from your Windows machine) that's implemented in userspace. This means that you can load and unload new filesystems without having to deal with messy kernelmode stuff. The pluggable nature and its accessible API means that it's super simple for programmers that aren't rockstars to write filesystems for, well just about anything. There are even ways to write modules in the best programming language of all time, Python!

With the porting of FUSE to OS X as MacFUSE, a whole host of options become available to Mac users. Want to read/write NTFS volumes? Done. Want read/write to an FTP server? Done. How about a FlickrFS, GmailFS, or PicasaFS? For the really nerdy, what do you think of ZFS or SshFS?

What's essentially happening here is that certain server side things like, for example, making a photo album in Picasa, are being "remapped" in a way to standard filesystem calls such as "mkdir." Copying an image into that virtual folder is ultimately resulting in that image being uploaded to that particular album on Picasa. Pretty cool huh?

The implications here are staggering, and it solves some of the longest running issues, I've personally had with OS X. Here's where to download MacFUSE as an installer, here's a list of the normal file systems you can mount, and here's a list of the networked file systems you can mount.

For assistance, tips, and tricks for working with MacFUSE you might want to check out the currently spirited thread on MacFUSE taking place in our Macintoshian Achaia. Now, go forth and... mount!

Huge Day at Macworld for Google and Apple geelks.


yeeeeeeeeeuh.. oh, some nice people made a pkg file already.

thanks guys:


Happy Birthday: to my car. :)

  • January 11, 2007 10:57 AM
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This is an ode to my car, although it is not a piece of shit, like in Adam Sandlers song. :)

3 years old today!

and 78,000 miles. eek <3

Apple ipwned everyone this morning...

  • January 9, 2007 2:07 PM
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Behold, the iPhone
1/9/2007 2:36:24 PM, by Jon Stokes

Apple turned 30 on April 1, 2006—quite a milestone for a technology company that, for much of its life, has provided endless fodder for an army of pundits who have made a living out of writing its obituary. The 2007 Macworld keynote brings Apple into its first full year of its thirties, and the company is keen to demonstrate that 30 is the new 20, and that the new, post-Switch Apple is as ready as ever to do what it was founded to do: make computers for the rest of us... or, waitaminute...

Apple at 30+ makes more than just "computers." Indeed, in spite of his famous declaration that Apple makes computers, and "computers have keyboards," Jobs took the stage this year to tout a roster of products that includes software, services, and one very important device that, though arguably a "computer" in a general sense, decidedly lacks the requisite keyboard.

continued.....article link

Apple announces AppleTV
1/9/2007 12:36:30 PM, by Ken Fisher

As expected, Steve Jobs & Co. revealed more details of the much-anticipated "iTV" product, including the fact that it will be renamed the "AppleTV," but with the Apple symbol next to "TV" (we can't find an appropriate HTML code for that one).

The product is aimed at bringing the iTunes Store to the big screen, and practically every feature has been oriented towards this end. AppleTV will auto-synchronize iTunes content from a single PC and stream it directly to up to five other computers in the home or your TV.

continued.....article link

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