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Fixing computers, BJ's and Sasha-Zabiela! A long weekend put to good use.

  • February 21, 2006 3:33 PM
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Thursday, I'm bored as hell in class and I get a text message from my friend Stefanie. Somehow she somehow executed the HP restore process that came install on Partition number two of her desktop computer. RUH ROH RORGE! This calls for data excursion and ezrecoverypro! I tell her to bring it over to my house on Friday night after I get off work and we'll see what we can do. It should take a little while so we agree to hangout and grab some dinner while we're at it.

FFWD to Friday: She brings the machine over and its a newer HP with a SATA drive. :( I don't have SATA on my machine so we call it off for the night while I need to collect parts. We decide to head over to BJ's because it is the best restaraunt on the planet with BERRY BURST CIDER!!!!!!! Go nuts!

Hell yea, we're pounding BBB and eating pizza and potatos, we make it back to my place about 12am and I hit the sheets!

Saturday I head over to my parents house to give them some money and see whats shakin. My Dad bought a QUAD! haah when will the toys stop, never I presume. So, I check that out, surf the interweb and go out to lunch with my mom. We went to Red Robin. mmmm mmm that is a tasty burger!

Sat night was Sasha and Zab's the show of the year at Avalon. Fundacion returns to Avalon for a short residency.

Rest of the pics!

I went back to Clovis' for an afterparty and left his pad around 4pm sunday. Went to Fry's to get SATA parts, installed, cleaned house, made dinner, watched scrubs and went to sleep.

Monday was relaxing. I finished backing up Stef's computer, went for a drive on Mulholland, went to Mcdonalds which is the devil and then watched 24 and drank my growler of Berry Burst Cider (Thanks Stef).

will fix computAr's for beer!


What have I been up to the last month?

  • February 9, 2006 7:09 PM
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I don't really know either, and frankly I am tired of this page being just a huge photo thread so I can write a story now. :)

Over the past few weeks I have just been bored. Some say I have been a bitter meany guy. Sorry. :( I have just been low on sleep. Lately, YA RLY!

I went to Club Heaven on Friday 2-1 and saw a friend Charles spin, Ernesto made really strong drinks and I was feeling swell!! Malia and I have pretty much been sick for like two weeks, I have no idea what we got but it's startng to wear off now. Saturday, we all woke up and went to MOCA for the Ectacsy exhibit! That was awesome. There is some trippy shit in that place. A room full of LED's a Crazy 3d movie, and an UPSIDE DOWN MUSHROOM ROOM LAND! WHoa! While this girls went to shop for some shoes bc Malia's feet hurt, they pretty much lost us. The girls were already in a bad mood and Allan decided he wanted to go to Coffee Bean, we walked through downtown LA through the shittiest part evAr through bum's, a guy almost getting run over by a police car, a yelling bum. Where is Vic Mackey when you need him? I wanted to see someone get fucking regulated on. So, after that adventure we got there and CB was closed! :( I really wanted a pomegranite Blueberry ice blend.. Oh well. We got lost and decided to take the Metro train back to Union station and then we ended up back where we started. After the MOCA Kristin, Allan, MaLia and I all went to Shabu Shabu, that is effing taasty!

Then, that night was Armada night at Spundae. Remy, Interstate, Armin Van Buurena and Rank1 it was so packed in there and frankly, it put me in a bad mood. Sorry Malia.

Tis ok, we went to MAlia's hula hoop group and it was nice weather! Great day to be outside.

Umm then the week drags on, horrible week, busy at work. yadas yada yada. But then Monday, BAM Krissy's (haha) MOM, Brothers girlfriend, and friend show up on our apartment sidewalk! What a surprise, they are nice people from Buffalonia. ^_^

Wed, hump day Lisa (Kristin's Brothers GF) Kristin and I head over to the Vanguard for Funktion. It was Pendulum who were quite simply MASSIVE! Lisa got us kicked out bc she was too drunk to walk(long story) , but we took her home and got back in. ;)

After that I was just dead the whole week, I skipped class on Thursday to play with my new phone and passed out. Friday Kara came over and we watched a movie. Then Sat I took her to see Ferry Corsten at Avalon. All these adventures are in the photogallery. pages 8 and 9


after Ferry I was so tired I didn't think I could go out anywhere, but I went to my parents house to watch the supercrappybowl and help them with a new laptop they bought.

Then I went to Mor Bar.

haha it was goodtimes. LOL as you can see, good music, good people, new friends!

This weekend.. more fun. Should be a nice quiet Friday Bjorn is coming over and we are going to Abletining. :)
SAturday is Quivver at Spundae. That should be nice. I think sunday I am going to sleep in. Put a nitecap on the week.

Come join us for a free night at Spundae, the happiest place on earth. :)

Back to this boring class!

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