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Drinking, Hooping and Xmas time in the city!

  • December 27, 2005 4:31 PM
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Thursday night I got off work early and got my car washed finally. Went home and Allan came over and we played Scene it.

Friday morning my parents came over and we tried to fix a bunch of things around the house.. not much to talk about there.

Friday Night! Kristin, Malia and I went on an adventure to Club Heaven for Alex Gold, Doran and Mike Lord.
Now, Malia is a hooper. Not just a "oh I have a hoop and I dance with it." My friend Malia is a certified hoop-a-looping maniac maniac on the floor! :) She has like what, 15 hoops in different sizes and colors! She talked Kristin into going with us and to join the HOOPING REVOLUTION! So it was..... Malia is stressin about them not letting us bring in the hoop, Malia decides to grab a smaller one just in case and we get into Heaven and it's not that busy at all! (yet) she is happy and hooping that crazy thing everywhere.
She is really good, I like this crazy trick she does where she spins it up on her hands and it's really wicked. I took lots of pics and some came out really cute, we always have a good time when we hang out, Which has only been twice so far.


I had a bit much to drink but it wasn't my fault ;) Santa's helper made them really strong. I was ok by the next day though. Which leads us into Christmas Eve.... more on that later. damn writers block. :)

More sweet toys 4 ME!

  • December 20, 2005 3:15 PM
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Merry Christmas, now I can cue tracks in Live5!

Now I need to warp some tracks and do some mixing! If I decide on it later, all I need is a small controller now.

So, whats news with everybody, last night I was in Simi. I went by the new mall and almost finished all my Christmas shopping. I need some wrapping paper, boxes and tape. IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! :rolleyes: :-P

I can't wait for fricking new years eve!!!!

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