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Beer is a magical beverage that has magic properties of awesomeness! <3

  • April 2, 2005 4:33 PM
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Last night after work I went to Kours' house. We messed with the mustang a little bit and then went to downtown redondo to eat. I suggested Sangria Lounge in Hermosa but we didn't know exactly where Pier ave was. We ended up at a small venue called Naja's Place. Bar/Grill on the Redondo beach pier.The food was pretty awesome and they serve lots of the magic juice, teh beer. 77 Beers on tap and 777 total.
I asked one of the bartenders what he recommended for a light beer and ended up with an awesome Lager called Oregon Honey. It was soo good. I had two 25 oz. mugs and we watched the resident band "The Land Sharks" play. They were really good and covered alot of classic rock songs AWA modern hits. The guitar player really knows how to handle it, he was busting phatty riffs and pwned the whammy bar.

I didn't drive, we went back to his place and I passed out on the floor.

the end

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