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  • December 19, 2005 9:22 AM
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Last weekend, yea the 9th. Kristin, Timmy and I went to the Arclight theatre to see Geisha. The theatre is huge. The movie was good. After that I went to Pearl to see Andy Moor and friends.
Pictures from Andy Moor @ Pearl

I don't remember what else we did last weekend, oh yea, everyone went to Spundae but Allan, Kristin and I saw Chronicles of Narnia and then we went to Howl at the Moon @ Citywalk. First time skipping Spundae in a while, needed a break.

Thursday was our company Christmas Party and it was awesome, the food was great and I got lots of pictures. Afterparty was across the street @ Backstage.
SPE Holiday 2005 w/ AH @ backstage!

This Friday I went to Basic at the King King and saw Desyn Masiello he packed the place and I met up with Clovis, Tigo, Bas, Bunny, Matt Cerf, Mike for a good old time with funky house!
Desyn @ Basic - King-King

Sat night was Spundae-fied agian! Michelle was hosting her first backroom party @ Spundae and the whole crew came out to reprezent! There were podiums,crazy pictures,slap fights and hitting people over the head with posters! It was truely a definative reflection of 2005! Next up... Spundae in 2006! Our adventures continue.......
Spundae 12-17 LATA Party in the Backroom!

Sunday we watched Elf, Badder Santa and Family Guy! The church of THE FONZ AYE!

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