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It's all gone PETE TONG!

Spundae @ Circus with M.I.K.E., Scumfrog, Annalyze, Simply Jeff and more.

Wow, just another quality Saturday night. We decided to goto Circus Disco, mostly to see the backroom talent but everything was so awesome. Hot women, frikin lazer beams, and fooooood! I got a hot dog wrapped in bacon and it was the ultimate clubbing addition.

They were celebrating the release of a movie based on the life of Frankie Wilde.
It's all gone Pete Tong

Kristin had a friend in the military at 29 palms, they made plans to come down and it ended up being a party bus. 7 marines in her apt. and i forgot how many went with us to Circus.

Mike and scum were awesome, I took pictures and everyone was really cool. The venue is rad, huge outdoor patio and a huge dance floor. We partied our asses off and I met like 5 people from Sony, I have no idea how they remembered me because I sure as hell didnt remember them. ;)

Link to the pics. Awesome

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