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Infusion and Rabbit in the Moon at Avalon.

Woke up sat. Morning on kristin's futon. Heh. I had previously bought my ticket already and on thurs I was informed the rest of the party was unable to make it. I didn't want to miss this so I decided to go by myself anyway. I met some friends in line and kicked it with them for the show, they go to a lot of shows and we are going back next weekend for Infected Mushroom. Kristin and Allan went to uberzone @ spundae, I think.

The night was unbelieveable! It was the most physically and emotionally draining show ever.

I have tons of pics and some video as well as kyle. Infusion ripped it up, they thew down some funky beats. Ritm is the best live performance I have ever seen. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Pics are up in the gallery. infusion and ritm!

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