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Sasha and Steve Porter Sat night @ Avalon.

Sat night was wicked, DJ Sasha spinning (actually click and twist now, he's on an imac and powerbook) and Steve Porter spinning Deep House, tore it up and crowd pleased!

I was supposed to go with a friend sean and his girlfriend but sean found out he had to work the next day at 6am, that aint cool. I found some friends on Arstechnica, my friend Raymond spins Progressive house and he already has tickets for the night, that was cool. i got his phone number and we met up just after sasha went on. The Avalon was sold out, I know some people flew all the way in from toronto and D.C. to see this awesome duo back to back.

I arrived at 10:30 and scoped out the scene, i went into the top room when there was a light projector gu running visuals off of a Shuttle XPC while the DJ spun dance and some housey stuff. The projector was cool, you can see that in the first few pictures.

Then the crowd went OFF there was so many people, sasha went on @ 12 and played a set, then Porter went on and Spun, then the Duo spun back to back. I got home at 4:45am and the birds were chirping..

Sasha's sound has changed, and I don't think I like it very much. He turned from ambient trance, or arena into Electro house or something. I guess thats what hapoens when you resideent, you are not paid to entertain the crowd for one night, you can play whatever you want and try to reinvent yourself.

Regardless, it was nice to hear some new tunes, I took alot of pictures and only 3/4 of them came out.
I also got two short vids, Sasha and the Duo. Enjoy.

Sasha and Porter pictures

hybrid.the crystal method.adam freeland @ avalon.

That's where kristin and I are headed now. She's getting ready and then its time to party. I am in the midst of some alchoholic beverage. Mmmm omg it's gonna be awesome.

Tiesto~Steak~WRC with BBQ

My weekend was pretty average. Fri night I went to Allans, Kristin was there too. I brought over some K one, we chilled, had drinks and watched teevee.

Sat was the same way, except during the day I ordered a matching tire for the left sode of my car, did laundry, and ordered my stomung midpipe. Sat night we watched Tiesto in concert! It was awesome, I wish I was there. Oh yea, and my dad bought a new Jeep. ;)

Sun was steak with my buddy Young at woodranch and I cleaned my room and the garage. Night was BBQ and WRC Rally @ a fellow subaru buddies house, he is also an audiophile and he demo'ed some movies and music on his Energy's.

Party on a YACHT@!

It was fucking tight.
More info and pictures later.

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