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Sat night: Way out West @ Avalon-Hollyweird.

Jason and I went to see Way out West @ Avalon in Hollywood tonight.
We stopped at Fridays for some grub and when we came out it was RAINING?!?! wtf.

I would call the show overall fair to good. Not the best, not a total drag.
Jason and I consumed drinks on the 2nd floor balcony, overlooking the stage. All the alcohol made me sleepy and I started drifing off watching the interim DJ spin some mix of electronic and some weird bass tracks.

Then the opening band came out, they were pretty good and then the DJ spun for a bit before Way out West came on. If you wouldn't have known the artist lineup; you might think this was the highlight of the show.

Moving along...During the WoW performance the floor was packed with people. The live drums in the set was quite a surprise and I loved teh snare drums. Real live instruments are sometimes so much better.

WoW was kind of a dissapointment because:
1. they came on WAY too late.
2. they played WAY too short of a set.
3. The singer didn't have enough range in her voice and she kept cutting her extended vocal chords short.

The women were so snobby and there was entirely too many "rico suave's" there. Everyone thinks they have something to prove. Truth is, I could show YOU better moves then that but all these tards are fucking high so move bitch get out the way.

It was also very cold on the floor, the wind kept coming in through the smokers lounge. Last time was there everyone was in sweat, thats a little better for a party atmosphere.

Anyway, so I just got home and i'm gonna browse the internet and then try to sleep even though I woke up way to late this morning.

After this show, I would say I am more of a progressive trance guy, it just keeps me more entertained. Faster paced and cooler transitional effects.

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