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Hot Natured Party - A new concept for Miami WMC 2009

[image] Jamie on the roof: The Standard 2008 - nightmoves.me


Introducing a new concept for this year's WMC, Hot Natured is about artists setting free their undiscovered house and electronic disco treats.

A rare chance to witness alternative sets from some of techno's most sought-after new stars, providing insight into the varying sides of their musical personality.

Guests already announced include Craig Richards, the legendary Fabric resident and Jamie Jones, the future face of techno whose debut album will be released this summer on Crosstown Rebels.

Also on the bill are Lee Foss, the Chicago-born DJ responsible for seminal parties at the Buddha lounge and resident at LA's renowned techno shindig Droog as well as the Droog DJs, who have been responsible for throwing LA's nightlife into the spotlight. Surprise sets from old school heroes are to be announced in the coming weeks as will the location of this prolific affair.

Closing the week's festivities in true party spirit, Hot Natured announces a dancefloor friendly assault and an evening of musically-infused revelations.

This party will be very limited and may only be invitation only, so please keep you ear to the floor for more details.

Hot Natured - WMC Party
Craig Richards (Fabric)
Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)
Droog DJs (Culprit, Avalon LA)
Lee Foss
Special guests to be announced

Sunday 29th March 2009 10pm - 4am - Venue details to be announced shortly, Miami
$10 tickets www.wantickets.com

Music/Photography news: Droog Mirror - Rooftop Summer Residency

Supported by my imagery.. DROOG continues to rue the roost. See the writeup below...

Berlinista: Electronic Music,Fashion & Style Report
Droog Mirror - Rooftop Summer Residency

Droog, the LA based DJ collective comprised of Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe, unveiled a six month summer residency at the Rooftop Pool.

The Rooftop Pool is California's most sought after and scorching party venues at the Los Angeles Downtown Standard Hotel.

The irresistible combination of soaring skyscrapers, perfect weather, modernist design and world class DJs make Droog's Standard residency one of Los Angeles' can't miss summer spots. Last summer Droog oversaw some truly memorable mid-summer madness, with bikinis bobbing to the beats of the most exciting names in global techno music. This summer promises to be no different with Droog taking to the decks the throughout the summer alongside a roster of talent fat enough to rival that of any clubbing mecca.

ARTICLE CONTINUES...................


Listing info:

Mar 22, 2009
Culprit Season Opening party with Crosstown Rebels: Droog, Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus and Clive Henry
Hours: 1pm - 9pm
Tix: $10 before 4pm/$20 after

April 5, 2009
Droog Standard: Droog, Mathias Tanzmann, Simon Baker
Hours: 1pm - 9pm
Tix: $10 before 4pm, $20 after

May 3, 2009
Droog Standard: Droog, Martin Landsky, John Tejada
Hours: 1pm - 9pm
Tix: $10 before 4pm, $20 after

BIGSHOT MAG: LA Compression turns three. More photos/coverage.

A very nice read.. click here to check it out @ bigshotmag

Plus I can finally speak ;) COMPRESSION: mini-magazine coming soon. :)

In a city where movie stars and models reign supreme, the dedicated crew who run the revered techno night Compression have steadfastly seen their party through a litany of memorable events. On November 28th, Compression will mark its third anniversary with a post turkey day blowout featuring Funk D'Void and Mistress Barbara at Cinespace. A slew of other cool shows are confirmed well into 2009, featuring the likes of Cassy, Anja Schneider, Christian Martin and Mike Shannon. Big Shot caught up with Compression's founder and managing director, Robtronik, and got the lowdown on the party which has featured genre stalwarts such as Steve Bug (pictured above), Richie Hawtin and Josh Wink.

Another COMPRESSION this Friday

Another e-flyer.
Providing Imagery :)

Oh yeah! Check out this video from Avalon.

last weekend

I am working in Westwood for 2 weeks and there is not much to do here I just fix people computers as they break and I dont have to drive anywhere. Thats pretty sweet, I just kick it here in this little room with some guys from the mailroom and listen to my headphones.

What did you do this weekend?
Friday Kristin and I went to Santa Monica and she bought some shoes cause I guess she wants to start running or something. Puma's are pretty cool

Then we walked a few blocks and met her friend for dinner at this carribian food place called cha cha chicken, it was good food.
I got tickets hooked up from work for a movie on friday so I went to see motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane. It was great, there were snakes everywhere, plus Samuel L Jackson is always a bad mofo. Thats pretty much the plot of it. Snakes on a fucking plane and a bunch of people die. Goodtimes.

Saturday I went to a house party in the afternoon and it went all night. It was a get together meet with a bunch of people off tranceaddict forum, I DJ'ed for a hour off my laptop and then everyone else brought cd's and vinyl. That was cool.

Sunday I didnt do anything. I watched dazed and confuzed on DVD from netflix.

About two weeks ago I had real orientation at work and I got a goodie back which included our movie, Capote. I watched it. It was good. I suggest people shoukd pick it up.

That's all for now.

Abletoning sessions at Chris', Quivver, and my car says make it stop!

Friday, Bjorn came over and we went to get some grub before a little musical journey at my pad. CPK mm mm Garlic chicken pizza and a beer run on the way home for some Sam Jackson ale. mm mm bitch! We got back to my place, cracked some beers and I dusted of ye olde controller and put on some tracks. That was fun until a neighbor came a knocking forme to turn it down. 12am. nite nite time.

Sat I woke up early (yea real early for a sat) 8am. Am I out of my fucking mind, no. My car is screming at my for brakes. I find out Thursday that my parents went out of town on vacation in the Mojave desert so I have no one to pick me up from brakemasters in Simi. So, around 9am I take a walk down to Mcdonalds, grab some breakfast. I brought my company laptop with me and a fresh extended life battery. I am just about to jump on the computer when I see Jon Tryon, I used to kick it with this kid back in highschool but I stopped talking to a bunch of people for reasons I don't feel like disclosing. He works there..anyways it was a trip to see him anyway. I asked him what everyone has been up too, same old shit, nothing new, go figure. Anyways he needed to go back to work on the worst car evAr an Aztek. Jon says I got lucky cause the old guy was working on my car and Jon doesn't wanna fuck my car up. Yea, thanks pal.

So, I spend the rest of my day at Brake Masters watching Wedding Crashers on the computer, funny shit.


John Beckwith: Claire's mom just made me grab her hooters.
Jeremy Grey: Well snap out of it! What, a hot older women made you feel her cans? Stop crying like a little girl.
John Beckwith: I wasn't crying like a little girl.
Jeremy Grey: Why don't you try getting jacked off under the table in front of the whole damn family and have some real problems, jackass. Hey, what were they like anyway? They looked pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or comfort? What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?
[makes sputtering motorboat noise]
Jeremy Grey: You motorboatin son of a bitch! You old sailor you! Where is she? She still in the house?
John Beckwith: What's wrong with you?
Jeremy Grey: What do you mean "what's wrong with me?" What's wrong with you?
John Beckwith: No, what's wrong with you?
Jeremy Grey: No, what's wrong with you? You're projecting!
John Beckwith: Drop it.
Jeremy Grey: You drop it! You stop projecting on me! Why don't you go enjoy yourself while I go ice my balls and spit up blood.
John Beckwith: Drop it!
[starts walking away]
Jeremy Grey: Team player!

Then I went over to my parents house, said Hi to Mandy and loaded applications on my phone.

Came home, took a nap, Jay came up from Oceanside on the train. Malia came over and we all went to Spundae agian, it was house night. It was pretty dead but I had fun. Bjorn and I carpooled. Then we alll went home and watched wedding crashers agian.
Pics! up in the gallery

oh yea, I left my camera battery at home. DOH. Those pics I took with Malia's.

Sunday I think I just wasted my whole day cleaning the house. I woke up at 3:30pm. Made lunch, watched tivo.

Last weekend, Spundae on Sat and Ableton jam sessions Sun. Mon.

Friday I don't remember what I did. I have no energy to write anything super exciting..

Spundae with a party in the loft, Kimball Collins, DJ Micro

Sunday was Jam session with my friends Clovis, Pablo and Simon.

^^ That's my new setup!

Triple header weekend of craziness, drinking and clubbing.

Man, I was so tired Monday, what a fantastic weekend. 3 days of non-stop nights! Club Heaven on Friday with Cosmic Gate, Bob M, and Mike Lord. Avalon on Saturday with Hybrid, Pete Tong and Annie Nightingale. Then for Sunday sessions I headed over to Mor Bar in Santa Monica to listen to Gil, Bob and Mike in another set. D'Morse was also there but I was unable to stick around because I had to be up early for work the next day.

On to the reviews!
Friday night I picked up Kristin from work and we went on a 99cent store shopping spree. I needed some cleaning supplies, snacks, and misc 99 cent stuff. On the wau back Kristin was telling me how she was broke and she'll prolly just stay in and work on her Excel spreadsheet like whoa! I made her a login on my laptop so she could surf wifi and do whatever. Then I went to Club Heaven to see Cosmic Gate, Bob and Mike spin sets! I called Michelle and got on the guest list which was supposed to be $20. I arrived, found parking a few blocks away, and got in line.

in line I met another TA, Riia, we chatted a bit and then I got my ticket from the guest list girl. I walked up to the redeemer and to my surprize they just took my ticket and I got in for free, there wasn't that many people there I guess. Kick ass more money for drinks! I met Michelle, Crystil, Sarah, Julie, Robert, Mike, Kris, Phillippe, Bob, Gil and Mike just took the decks like a half hour ago. It was great fun! I chilled in the back and kept Kris company, partied on the patio, up in the front and center and stayed until the lights went on. After the show I got a hot dog with BACON! mm mmm. Oh yea, I also got hit on by a dude. eep! I walked back to my car all paranoid and shit cause it's crayzeee HOLLYWIERD! I got home and passed out.

All day I chilled out at my parents house, did laundry and went to Best Buy. I checked out the new Simii Valley mall and it was pretty sweet. I got my car washed cause it was dirty from all that rain! I actually PAY rent and I expect to PAY for good weather. >:O On the way home around 6:30 I stopped by BJ's and got a growler of some Berry Burst Cider! Took and shower and then Kyle arrived!

We have plenty of alchohol at our place but it's always time for some BBC! That was good stuff and we also drank apple martini's and then planned our Metro adventure. We took the bus to the Universial stop and then took the train to the Hollywood and Vine stop! We got there with plenty of time to spare! Got in and drank some more! By then it was last call so we're running around Avalon double fisting and DANCING OUR ASSES OFF! I meet a girl that I saw last time at Ferry Corsten L.E.F. #1 and we hung out in the breaks room upstairs with Annie Nightingale. I lost Kyle and Kristin but kept finding them and then we ran down Hollywood blvd which took like NO TIME cause we were blitzed. We just got some food at Mel's on Highland! Kristin was talking crazy jibbresh like I can make everything on this menu at home, fuck that noise gimmie twistee fries for all of us! LOL Booya! We then took the train to the Universal stop and froze our asses off waiting for the bus to start up agian! It did and took us right back to Dixie Canyon! So we're walking home and it's DAYBREAK! I think I got to bed @ 6am and we were still drunk! You know it's a good time when last call is at 1:30am!

Wake up all groggy and shit and my dad is supposed to come over to mount my TV on the wall. He never made it over by the girl above me is playing that damn Rap music and i'm trying to sleep. That's ok cause it's 11:30am and i'm TRYING to sleep. heh. so I go into the family room and pass out on the crazy cushon area for another 2 hours and wake up at 2pm and prepare for the days activities, which include sitting on my computer and importing pictures!
I also had to take my powerbook into the Apple store because the keys are acting a fool! The left arrow gets stuck, of course, Apple genius bar is worthless and I can't replicate the problem more then once so I take my computer home. It's like 7pm now! Haha oh man, i'm thinking of going out to Mor Bar in Santa Monica because:
1. It's free.
2. I get to hang out with friends.
3. Never been there and I heard it's chill.
4. Free.

So I get to Mor just after 9pm when Mike goes on and it's very chill and lowlight, plush red couches, candles and a decent sound system! I met the owner and he's a cool guy! I get a redbull and just relax. There is this absolute wacko guy doing all this crazy shit in the bar, jumping on the bar, waving arms in our face and at one point he just falls flat on his ass in between two bar stools and just kinda sits there, dazed and confuzed. Rumor is that this guy was on some speed or something, he got kicked out by SECUURRTEE I was hoping he'd knock himself unconcious on the sidewalk so we could all congregate in peace.

I got home around 11:50 got some tasty IN'N'OUT and went to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Friday @ Club Heaven 11-11-05

Saturday @ Avalon 11-12-05

Sunday Mor Bar 11-13-05

Monster Massive 2005 - Halloween Weekend 2005

Sat, I think I woke up @ 12 something and made some plans to go to the store and pickup the rest of my shit from my parents house. So, we hop in the durango to pickup a table, my g4 tower, and some other items. Now the house is in even more of a mess because there is more shit and no place to put it.

Sat night was Monster Massive a huge Halloween party featuring Deep Dish, Marco V and many others.
Deep Dish was great and they tore it up. I also really liked Olav Basoski he played a really dark house set and we danced our asses off.

On the way there I drove and almost rear ended a truck because the traffic in front of him stopped too fast. OH man, that feaked us out. Enough halloween scares, on to the music.
We get there, Kyle and Kristin stayed in the car and I got groovetickets. I called them and they came and met me in line. Almost immediatly after we got in I lost them. Kyle tried to text msg me like a million times and I finally found them, just to lose them agian on the way to the escalators. haha
stage right, by the dancer, out in the grass, no left, up in the balcony. They said as their manager I was fired but they can't fire me cause i'm under contract. :)

I met some new friends and hung out with them for awhile, took some pics of costumes and Marco V closed the night out. It ended an hour early because of daylight saving time, fuck that noise. :( anyways, pics posted.

Monster Massive 2005 Pictures

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