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MNML Girls: Shoddy + Audrey Napoleon

I went to my first Shoddy's music event.. I took some press shots while things were setting up.. some beats to soak in on Sunday.

More @ flickr

Mark Kane

I shot Mark Kane on Saturday night, we went over a style, and then I pulled it off in my parking garage. Brick looks gnarly @ f11.
Friends, if you want to see the whole set, shoot me a message.. these are some of my favs.


I've always loved how I run my photo-blog, it is very quick, concise and the quality is all there.
But, for the past year, I've always wondered if I should think of a catchy business name/spinoff...

Sometimes it's hard to remember.. or you could butcher the URL and never find my site..
soltis, solstice, saltis, whatever. ;)

kind of like chipa-topa-lay when you mean chipotle.. jack in the box anyone?

So, before Miami season, I will have shirts,flyers and free promo CD's from some of my favorite DJ's in the archive.
2YEARS later.. a lightbulb went off in my head.. so I changed it out with a CFL. ;)

and I am happy to announce

as my own sister domains..
same photoblog,same access to all the great weekly galleries.

Now you can say...
The night moves me


p.s. I may need some help patching together a logo from idea's flying around in my head...

Resident Advisor: 2008 Year-end in pictures

Click to see/read the article

Hello friends, I made a bunch of submissions to RA this year..
The site made a year:end and picked their favorite galleries.
Had about 6 galleries that I submitted get picked over the course of 2008, moreso picking up around the summer with our awesome string of standard parties+cinespace.

We have Gui Borotto,Lawler,Magda,Drumcode night,Bill Patrick and Burridge + a few more.

I'm really happy to showcase this for the year, enjoy.
Thanks RA!

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