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cat fun!

  • November 29, 2007 10:05 PM
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"get off my plane!"

"get off my plane"

lots more on flickr... clicky.. :)

I'm moving

I just decided yesterday; Landlord raised my rent again... every october, like clockwork. The little horn rimmed glasses man getting too greedy.

My neighbors are moving too, we just got two new sets of neighbors as well.. tenants in, tenants out.. its a revolution! People have to find new places to live eventually.

I don't want this to take more then a month so, I am going to start packing this weekend and put stuff into storage.

See you soon West LA!

Now is a great time to be alive..

..or is it?
Thinking about this on the way into work this morning.

Last night I was at the West Hollywood Carnival to take photos and see funny stuff. I saw some people I know, had a generally good time, but there were ALOT of fucking people.

"Now is a great time to be alive, someone shouted during a performance on the KIISFM stage"
sometime oin my life, I used to actually believe this.. as I drove into work this morning... I was recollecting sounds from the Weho carnival...KBIG104 was playing all their Disco classics and I remembered what it was like to be a kid again and how as a child you don't realize how big the world is, everything is foreign to you... it is indeed a great time to be alive, as a child growing up in the 80's.. it was ALOT of fun. The electronic beats, drum machines and 80's disco sounds.. I wonder: now that we are young adults, what did people worry about back then, was it indeed a better time to be alive?

Here are some notes I jotted down on my blackberry:
Be alive! Just think for yourself.
1960's: Racial Equality.
1970's: Fighting war. Vietnam Backlash.
1980's: Cocaine, bad air quality (remember the warnings in socal summers), more smog, factories, crappy cars, the Japanese are making better cars then us already. Movies like New Jack city, Beverly Hills Cop..
1990's: Persian Gulf, "The War on Drugs", Social Security.
2000's: We are destroying ourselves as a society, Even Halloween was canceled in San Francisco in Castro due to 9 people hurt or killed last year. We are fighting more buillshit fake problems like Global Warning, in a huge credit crisis.. (I remember when interest rates in early 00's were %4.34 .. good luck finding that now) The government is fucking stupid, MORE TRAFFIC, I'M STUCK IN FUCKING TRAFFIC!

Can't we have some kind of mass exodus and wipe out half of these morons? I was behind some retarded lady stopping every 10 seconds to look in her purse, and on her cellphone today. GET A HEADSET LIKE THE REST OF HUMAN LIFE YOU IGNORANT BITCH!

anyways.. beyond that.. things I liked in the 80's:
Eighties felt free, No government spying on us, no terrorists trying to jihad us, simple new school breakbeats, and flashdance! FUNNY comedians. (Candy, Hartman, Hicks, Eddie Murphy, Prior)
NO Carlos Mencia is not funny!

the USA fails at life right now as far as i'm concerned.

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