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Randomness in my head while doing laundry....

  • October 23, 2007 10:19 PM
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So, earlier I was talking to my cat, we were on a heros commercial break. ..

No, but really, these are just some random thoughts.. I was bouncing off of him.. Do you ever feel like everyone in the world pays very little attention around them.. I see so many random idiot drivers that run red lights, cut people off..are these people fukin oblivious? Nobody pays attention to detail to anything, even comedy, which is sometimes the most mindless, random funny stuff.. I for one, am a fan of sharp wit and inside jokes

Also, idiot people at work.. That can't operate a computer without being babysat.. Its not that hard, you just gotta use some logic, which sadly normal people lack.

I'm killing time doing laundry, facebook mobile rawk.
Even though simi or sherman oaks isn't on fire, the rest of socal gets reciprocation.. Today the sky was kinda orange, wish I brought my camera to work... maye tomorrow but im prob too lazy..This friday eric prydz n halloween bash at avalon!! Oh boy I gotta get a costume... Think ill do that tomorrow..

Yessss only 3 more days till my san francisco friends arrive!!!

Listenin to sander k's new album.. THIS IS....



No, I wasn't telling my cat about this.. But I was interested when I came across this thought..
Do a lot of people have plans in life, that they are always working for? Or do you find yourself focusing on different portions of your life or career goals a little at a time, and take time for yourself?
For instance, today I took time out to post pictures and compile galleries for avalon and urb magazine..a little self promotion. But sometimes I have to put all my focus on work.. And on the weekends I'm back in photoduty, I guess my thought is; do you feel like you get lost in yourself easily, and shut off distractions or do you bounce around from one task to the other.

I've also been interested in intentions..are most people content with themselves or do they feel lost? How many people really think about the future and wonder what they'll be doing when their 40.

One more random thing.. I find people that listen to more electronic music to be well balanced..at least I seem to be sharper then I remember, I recongnize patterns and relax my mind.

In other note, I like this girl at work, but I fear we have little in common. Do most people have a lot in common with girls they are interested in? Someone that knows you better or as good as you know yourself.. I guess that's what I feel is missing in life nowadas, just someone that knows me all around.. I feel like I have little in common with most people, especially women nowdays..

Signing off.


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