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My photos featured in Compression again. :)

As long as I keep shooting., Robtronik keeps posting.

Thanks Rob. :)


Xpansul and Vincenzo are rocking the decks at Compression this Friday night. Edison Elektrik is performing Live. Robtronik providing the opening set!

Collectively representing releases on Plus 8, Liebe*Detail, Dessous, Pokerflat, Truesoul, and Frankie Records, Compression hosts Madrid based Xpansul and Berlin based Vincenzo. Xpansul twists basslines and warps his beats into a frenetic 909 kick drum work outs - don't miss his exclusive West Coast appearance. Vincenzo is a master of the sublime tech house beats and soulful rhythms. Also: Performing Live is Edison Elektrik! Robtronik to open the night up - so don't miss this Friday night!

Also: Compression now goes twice a month! Coming soon: Joel Mull - LIVE!, Ryan Elliott [Spectral Sound], tentatively scheduled Florian Meindl (still werkin' out the details), and Chris Fortier at his record release party! ... w/ more to be announced. It is only getting better!

Finally, Saturday morning after Compression, I'm heading out the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (schedule). Be sure to check my YouTube page as I upload videos of all the artists I captcha! BTW, here are pics from the [a]pendics.shuffle, Acid Circus, and Jason Emsley show. Thanks to all who came out for Fumiya Tanaka and Bodycode as well. (Oi! Berkson & What, Mike Huckaby pics too! - Enjoy!)

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PHOTOS: COMPRESSION: [a]pendics.shuffle, Emsley, DJ Andre & Acid Circus. May 11, 2007.

PHOTOS: COMPRESSION: Xpansul and Vincenzo. Edison Elektrik (Live), Robtronik. May 25, 2007.

PHOTOS: COMPRESSION: MIKE HUCKABY, BERKSON & WHAT - LIVE, Matt Xavier, Luis Rosario. March 30, 2007


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