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this is my mini saturday coachella review, i am lazy.

taken from a local webforum post.

from what i remember seeing, my friend jane and i were running and jumping all over the fields.. we saw.
and before i start my review i want to say damn i was excited about kaiser cheifs but i missed them too, oh well, i missed girl talk too.

fountians of wayne: dope, i bought their original cd back in high school, good stuff. only saw a few songs from em.

dj heather tore it up

steve aoki meh

MSTRKRFT tore it the fuck up!!!

Justice was kinda boring for me, their mixing styles are not that great.

hot chip owned the mojave tent it was packed in there

strolled past the drum and bass dome, forgot to go in

checked out some awesome lights on strings

saw dj mehti from across the grass, good tunes!

went over and saw arcade fire, the sound for me in person doesnt have the depth as on recorded works... i dont know, they dont give me super dynamics live

RHCP were great! i could hear them clear across coachella grounds and they played a great mix of old and new, when they played dani california the whole festival lit up!! it was total hippieville ;)

tiesto was ok, same stuff lights were decent, he just plays music, his show is jst in your face. oh well, if tiesto has to be the embassador of dance music for the population, better him then dj ryan seacrest or tommy lee.

!!! tore it up... i liked that vibe..

wish i got to go see: TRAVIS :( sad to miss!!! .. amy weinhouse, the rapture, more of lcd soundsystem then just checked it breifly at the back of the tent.

i love coachella experience, i love festivals.. i hate festival raves though.. i want to go to bonaroo. :) def coachella next year

recycling ftw they had a trade 10 empty waterbottles in and get 1 free, we got 4 free waters.. here are my pics!




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