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rez and i reporting from avalon

  • March 25, 2007 3:03 AM
  • Random

We did the bookashade boogie at avalon. Bookashade is a live electronic band with roland drums and they play their stuff.

I too have a story about craaaaazy people in hollyweird. Rez and I have already left and I am chillin on the sidewalk and I'm eatin a hotdog with bacon..

This old hippie biker looking guy walks by and offers to sell us drugs. I say no, I already got him. He walks away.

A few minutes later he walks over to us and jumps in front of us like a liittle crazy bunnie rabbit holding a bottle of jose cuevo and shouts "ola muchachos!!"

It was the most random thing that I have ever seen. Its like something that would happen in family guy!!! Take it away!!!!!! It goin rain!!!! /cue piano players


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