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Fuck Sprint in the ass with no lube.

  • October 18, 2006 4:07 PM
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I have a peice of shit windows mobile device known as the pitiful Sprint PPC 6700.

I wanted to cancel my service and sprint fine print acknowledges it.

These changes do not affect customers who are on a text messaging plan. Our current text messaging plan offers remain at $5/300 msgs., $10/1000 msgs. and $15/unlimited msgs. Overage charges on these plans will also remain at $0.10.

Some media have inaccurately reported that this change means any Sprint customer can cancel his or her contract without having to pay an early termination fee. This may be true for some customers who are adversely affected, but does not apply to everyone. Please see talking points for more specifics. PR is following up with the media who originally aired the inaccurate information, which they did without contacting Sprint, to correct them.

RCR Wireless has updated their online story published yesterday to reflect the correct information.

[15:58] Traxors: cant cancel
[15:58] Traxors: because i have a text message plan
[15:58] Traxors: W^)DSGBTV[15:58] Traxors: fuckn rejfdq4mciwk,]amowsrtuh [vyw7t5pr[]
[15:58] Traxors: @)@*_)@##@%
[15:59] Traxors: fucking cocksuckers
[15:59] bjorn: i wonder if you could cancel the text plan then call back and cancel
[15:59] Traxors: no
[15:59] Traxors: bc when you cancel services, such as txt etc
[15:59] bjorn: they note it?
[15:59] Traxors: they make you sign up for another 2 year contracrt
[16:00] Traxors: and that voids the fine print
[16:00] Traxors: bc you accept the contract
[16:00] bjorn: hmmm, i dunno about that... cingular let me change my plan at will. and i've also changed txt plans w/o new contract
[16:00] Traxors: nope
[16:00] Traxors: i asked them
[16:00] bjorn: ah, sux then
[16:00] Traxors: i signed up for sero 500 remember
[16:00] Traxors: they signed me up for another 2 years
[16:01] bjorn: heh
[16:01] bjorn: ok, now, thx
[16:01] Traxors: ima break things
[16:01] bjorn: you can cancel your text online too
[16:02] Traxors: windows mobile is the biggest piece of dogshit
[16:04] Traxors: id rather pay $200 then keep this horrible fucking service. or replace my phone with a new ppc, then sell it for $20000000000000000000000


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Home> Random > Fuck Sprint in the ass with no lube.

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