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More updates from the uninspired

Boring lately. Although I went out to Spundae with the camera agian. Getting better results. Redbull and Vodka's sneak up on you though. Can't get many good pictures when you are sloshed. I think I did ok.

I am going to merge everything in my real gallery someday. Maybe when I get a new computer that can handle a real image editing program. Kristin and I went shopping Memorial day weekend in Simi before we went to my parents house to BBQ.

I want a Macbook so bad! I played with one at the Apple store in Simi! Everything was at least three times faster then mine. :(

I found some awesome sales. A $180 sportcoat for $30 and half off a pair of lucky jeans. Maybe women will pay attention to me with a coat that makes me look important.

Things I have done recently:
Updated myspace profile.
Mounted Sirius radio permantly in car
Did home improvement and put up a shade
Bought a drill
Washed my car
Went Mountian biking with my friend Steve:
^^ did not die with my front tire in a HUGE rut.

found jesus cheeto on internet?

New photos:
Spundae 5-26-06


June 1, 2006 6:15 AM Reply

One word for the jesus cheeto.........."Jesus"
I'll bring my hacked Ex-oh Box-oh sometime so we could try it in HD!!! I just have to get the component cable for it.

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