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A young family moves into their first house. A few weeks after they move in, construction begins on the empty lot next door.

The 5 year old daughter becomes fascinated with the construction and is always watching the workers out the window. After about a week of this, she starts going out and watching them up close.

Before long, the construction workers have kind of adopted the kid and give her simple jobs to do. Fetch that hammer. Pick up those nails and put them in the bucket. Things to keep her busy and let her feel important.

A couple weeks go by and the workers decide to throw a few bucks into an envelope and give it to her as her first "paycheck". Its only a few dollars, but it makes her extremely happy and she runs home to show her mom.

Her mom decides that this is a great chance to teach her some valuable lessons, so they drive down to the bank to open her first savings account.

At the bank, the girl and mother relate the entire story to the teller who congratulates her on her "job". At which point, the teller asks the girl, "So are you going to work there again next week?"

The little girl smiles and replies, "Hopefully, if the assholes at Home Depot ever deliver the fucking plywood."


June 1, 2006 6:18 AM Reply

Home Depot is full of tards. I would pay to take a bat to their heads... Whats awesome is they are opening a Lowes right across the street from the closest Home Depot to me. (I've got 5 tard shacks close by) =)

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