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I was going to post this Hilarious story, but i forgot and got drunk.

SEEEEEEEE i decided to post this hilarious rambling of a drunk post I wrote at 2:30 in the morning when Jay came up from Oceanside. The story does not stand alone, that is why it was hidden until now.


here is a giant post from two weeks worth of ACTIVITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much is new here, lack of updates to my life. Where should I begin, I can start by updating recent all the way back to Thanksgiving....

HERE WE GO! Quick bookmarks with linkage!

Last night I bought a new set of toys

Allan, Kristin and I watched the Butterfly Effect last night. Stabbity stab, crazy people, I like this movie, creeeeeeeeeepy!

Saturday afternoon Jay, Kristin, Allan and I went and saw RENT. I liked it. Sat night....Went out with a new friend Malia, who I met at Mor Bar to Ferry Corsten and Above & Beyond @ Avalon LINKY LINKY

The night before was completely blitzed Jay came into town and we partied it up! No pics (mental pictures, all of us passed out)

Thursday new class, Computer Programming 1 :(

Thanksgiving weekend was insane! Sunday night I went to Mor Bar, and met Malia.
Pics from Mor Bar

Sat Night everyone partied it up with Armand Van Helden @ Spundae

Friday night I got back from Almanor early due to rain and snow in the Larry Mountians 54. wait, thats a trance track. (check out the sample) but Kristin and I went to Compression. A new Techno/Electro and Breaks night thrown by Robtronik from Indie 103.1 and Mor Bar Thursday night Boombox! A short review with pics!

This was my first time to the King King and it's a pretty chill place.
As you can tell from the pics the lighting is fucking DARK DARK!

PERFECT for those dark, gritty, badass hard beats and breaks that the DJ's throw down. Seriously, if this place had strobes I would love to compare it to the opening scene from Blade without the crazy vampires and shit.

seriously, that place is dark and it's a great change of scenery from all the normal venues i've been too. Drink$$ are reasonable too.

everyone should check it out at least once, support the scene and get a taste of a different style of tunage!

Compression Pics with Juan Atkins and John Tejada.

Wed and Thursday were spend time with the Family. We took the trip up to Almanor and I thought I lost my Camera but it was just under the seat. I listened to my iPOD and Sirius all the way up there! My Dad and Sister listen to country music for 250 miles, same station. <3 Sirius. (not the country music) :-P I took some AWESOME pictures including one of my neice trying to get sound out of my ipod and rocking out!

Thanksgiving PICTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if I'm missing anything, sue me. Or not.


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