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Triple header weekend of craziness, drinking and clubbing.

Man, I was so tired Monday, what a fantastic weekend. 3 days of non-stop nights! Club Heaven on Friday with Cosmic Gate, Bob M, and Mike Lord. Avalon on Saturday with Hybrid, Pete Tong and Annie Nightingale. Then for Sunday sessions I headed over to Mor Bar in Santa Monica to listen to Gil, Bob and Mike in another set. D'Morse was also there but I was unable to stick around because I had to be up early for work the next day.

On to the reviews!
Friday night I picked up Kristin from work and we went on a 99cent store shopping spree. I needed some cleaning supplies, snacks, and misc 99 cent stuff. On the wau back Kristin was telling me how she was broke and she'll prolly just stay in and work on her Excel spreadsheet like whoa! I made her a login on my laptop so she could surf wifi and do whatever. Then I went to Club Heaven to see Cosmic Gate, Bob and Mike spin sets! I called Michelle and got on the guest list which was supposed to be $20. I arrived, found parking a few blocks away, and got in line.

in line I met another TA, Riia, we chatted a bit and then I got my ticket from the guest list girl. I walked up to the redeemer and to my surprize they just took my ticket and I got in for free, there wasn't that many people there I guess. Kick ass more money for drinks! I met Michelle, Crystil, Sarah, Julie, Robert, Mike, Kris, Phillippe, Bob, Gil and Mike just took the decks like a half hour ago. It was great fun! I chilled in the back and kept Kris company, partied on the patio, up in the front and center and stayed until the lights went on. After the show I got a hot dog with BACON! mm mmm. Oh yea, I also got hit on by a dude. eep! I walked back to my car all paranoid and shit cause it's crayzeee HOLLYWIERD! I got home and passed out.

All day I chilled out at my parents house, did laundry and went to Best Buy. I checked out the new Simii Valley mall and it was pretty sweet. I got my car washed cause it was dirty from all that rain! I actually PAY rent and I expect to PAY for good weather. >:O On the way home around 6:30 I stopped by BJ's and got a growler of some Berry Burst Cider! Took and shower and then Kyle arrived!

We have plenty of alchohol at our place but it's always time for some BBC! That was good stuff and we also drank apple martini's and then planned our Metro adventure. We took the bus to the Universial stop and then took the train to the Hollywood and Vine stop! We got there with plenty of time to spare! Got in and drank some more! By then it was last call so we're running around Avalon double fisting and DANCING OUR ASSES OFF! I meet a girl that I saw last time at Ferry Corsten L.E.F. #1 and we hung out in the breaks room upstairs with Annie Nightingale. I lost Kyle and Kristin but kept finding them and then we ran down Hollywood blvd which took like NO TIME cause we were blitzed. We just got some food at Mel's on Highland! Kristin was talking crazy jibbresh like I can make everything on this menu at home, fuck that noise gimmie twistee fries for all of us! LOL Booya! We then took the train to the Universal stop and froze our asses off waiting for the bus to start up agian! It did and took us right back to Dixie Canyon! So we're walking home and it's DAYBREAK! I think I got to bed @ 6am and we were still drunk! You know it's a good time when last call is at 1:30am!

Wake up all groggy and shit and my dad is supposed to come over to mount my TV on the wall. He never made it over by the girl above me is playing that damn Rap music and i'm trying to sleep. That's ok cause it's 11:30am and i'm TRYING to sleep. heh. so I go into the family room and pass out on the crazy cushon area for another 2 hours and wake up at 2pm and prepare for the days activities, which include sitting on my computer and importing pictures!
I also had to take my powerbook into the Apple store because the keys are acting a fool! The left arrow gets stuck, of course, Apple genius bar is worthless and I can't replicate the problem more then once so I take my computer home. It's like 7pm now! Haha oh man, i'm thinking of going out to Mor Bar in Santa Monica because:
1. It's free.
2. I get to hang out with friends.
3. Never been there and I heard it's chill.
4. Free.

So I get to Mor just after 9pm when Mike goes on and it's very chill and lowlight, plush red couches, candles and a decent sound system! I met the owner and he's a cool guy! I get a redbull and just relax. There is this absolute wacko guy doing all this crazy shit in the bar, jumping on the bar, waving arms in our face and at one point he just falls flat on his ass in between two bar stools and just kinda sits there, dazed and confuzed. Rumor is that this guy was on some speed or something, he got kicked out by SECUURRTEE I was hoping he'd knock himself unconcious on the sidewalk so we could all congregate in peace.

I got home around 11:50 got some tasty IN'N'OUT and went to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Friday @ Club Heaven 11-11-05

Saturday @ Avalon 11-12-05

Sunday Mor Bar 11-13-05


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