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Roadtrip and Housewarming party weekend

"If pictures are worth a thousand words then I have a millions things to say."

Saturday was one for the record books. We woke up early to beat traffic on the way to sunny San Diego to meet Heidi and see the sights, it turned into just a nice lunch and shopping around Gas Lamp. I was >< close to buing a pair of 7 denim but I noted the style and maybe I can get it later. The trip up and down the freeway was not bad at all, Sirius kept us company as well as Deep Dish! "Coming up, Radio 1 boys Fergie, at four with Rob da Bank and Chris Coco but up for the next hour, Deep Dish takes the decks as part of the the premeire DJ line up we have for you this weekend, enjoy." THMP THMP THMP! :)

We got home just in time for the crazy festivities to start! First up, Mike then Lilly, then "Ohio" Chris Reddick. Lilly and him start talking and we decide to take her car and load up all the DJ Gear in her car so we can party alllll night long. As we are unloading the gear Jason Trumpio shows up and we start cranking out the tunes.
Krisin drops the first beat, "TOTALLY ADDICTED TO BASS!" then Chris shows Lilly the basics on the wheels of steel.

Shit gets wild, taco taco dip is consumed and more people cram into the pad. Reddick is taking requests from records. Kristin: "Play Shivers! and i'll be your friend forevAr"

Tunes are spinning, sounds is great! Bjorn shows up! Mood lighting is turned ON! Shit is wild, taco taco dip, ranch and carrots. mmm mmm. Some wine gets knocked over, our roses placemat is now red.

Reddick is taking requests FROM cd and MP3 with his dope ass scratch program and powerbook!, rope lights are on, everyone is raving in the house, Kristin is the volume Nazi. Party favors make the record stop. lube!

SPILLAGE OCCURS! Appletini into the mixer oH GnO3s!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 Everything is the SNAP CRACKLE AND POP REMIX :( :(

More drinks from 7-11 beer cause THE FUCKIN LIQUOR STORE IS CLOSED AT 10PM?!?! wtfmate. Kyle and Aaron show up with girls everyone is partying on the patio!

OMFG !@#$%^&* David and Andy drop by after some whack party where money dropped like $1600 Andy's fuckin trashed with half a bottle of Crown Royal "We need to finish this shit," he says people partake in shots and a virtual orgy takes place in the living room. David: "dude, thats my couch." LOLOLOL PICTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin likes cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

Kristin fires a bunch of people, we have no employee's left, drunkin ear biting on the patio!

I take to the decks, not even mixing i'm just fading in and out like a mofo, having a blast with the EQ! :)

More drunka!

some awesome quotes from the night but I don't remember them.

Pictures are UP HERE!


November 22, 2005 11:42 AM Reply

OH SNAPPAROOO! THAT WAS SOME SHIT! Loves it. we need to do it again...just not too soon..i'm not trying to get kicked out ...AGAIN. LOL

har har har. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

November 22, 2005 3:27 PM Reply

Hey Chris thanks so much for the invite! Looks like great times and funky beats were brought out after I left! hmmmmm crazy. Can't wait to party for real next time, and just like last time great pics! gracias amigo!

November 26, 2005 2:12 PM Reply

So who was it that spilled the apple martini on the mixer? By the time we showed up to the party the mixer was already toast.

Whoever spilled the martini is fired. Totally fired. ;)

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