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Weekend recap, we don't need no education..

we don't need no thought control!

Friday Kristin and and signed the lease! The place is nice and hopefully, we can have everything installed in the house in time for Monster Massive!!!!

So, after we sign the lease we get some Tasty In-N-out.. mm it's right around the corner from us! Hop in the G-ride WRX and head over to the hollyweird pad. I get some sparks, barely crack one and bjorn shows up! We take a closed can of sparks down to Arena while bjorn drives! (Thanks man) and Gil la plays an awesome set. We go outside, go inside, and had to double fist some drinks and then I remember not walking agian, going to del taco and i don't remember what time it was. giggity giggity!

Saturday I woke up, went back to my house, messed around on the computer then went over to Davids and picked up a SWEET COUCH! David's mom made dinner and it was all good. Thanks for the couch pal. mmmm those shrimp were good!

Sat night was Spundae, Kristin forgets her ID so we had t go back to the house and then on the way in for the second time we run into Kyle and Aaron! There was some cheese trance but I would have appreciated some breaks more at this point. I saw Swedish Egil who i've been listening to since 1998 he spins trance now? Oh at least it was classic stuff cause I don't hear that anymore. We met a few other peeps and Kyle is going to Monster Massive too. Ima dress up like a sweet pirate YAR!

I am packing all my shit in boxes, MANY MANY DUSTBUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*(#$%^&*@#$%^&*(

Pics from Heaven

Pics from Spundae right HERE


October 26, 2005 9:28 AM Reply

You're moving finally! Yay! When is the move-in date?

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