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ooooo ummmm ooookay?

  • October 25, 2005 4:39 PM
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So I met up with my group for class tonight, on the way in I grab a little something to eat and a refreshing soft drink from a gas station on the corner. The drink comes in one of those little cheap thin plastic cups, 32 ounces. ahhh

I meet up at Loryn's pad and we go over the group assignment and on the way out I stop by the dumpster to throw away my cup. I have my arm outstreched to let go and let gravity take it's course when an old lady standing by the dumpster, looks like she lives in the complex, says "oooh you're not going to throw that away are you?" "I collect those."

Me: "Uhh Umm nevermind there is still some Mountian Dew left." and I walk away. FAST.

creepy. O_o


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Home> Random > ooooo ummmm ooookay?

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