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Monster Massive 2005 - Halloween Weekend 2005

Sat, I think I woke up @ 12 something and made some plans to go to the store and pickup the rest of my shit from my parents house. So, we hop in the durango to pickup a table, my g4 tower, and some other items. Now the house is in even more of a mess because there is more shit and no place to put it.

Sat night was Monster Massive a huge Halloween party featuring Deep Dish, Marco V and many others.
Deep Dish was great and they tore it up. I also really liked Olav Basoski he played a really dark house set and we danced our asses off.

On the way there I drove and almost rear ended a truck because the traffic in front of him stopped too fast. OH man, that feaked us out. Enough halloween scares, on to the music.
We get there, Kyle and Kristin stayed in the car and I got groovetickets. I called them and they came and met me in line. Almost immediatly after we got in I lost them. Kyle tried to text msg me like a million times and I finally found them, just to lose them agian on the way to the escalators. haha
stage right, by the dancer, out in the grass, no left, up in the balcony. They said as their manager I was fired but they can't fire me cause i'm under contract. :)

I met some new friends and hung out with them for awhile, took some pics of costumes and Marco V closed the night out. It ended an hour early because of daylight saving time, fuck that noise. :( anyways, pics posted.

Monster Massive 2005 Pictures


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