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This is a public service announcement. Brought to you by last weekend.

  • September 8, 2005 5:54 PM
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So, I havn't had any time to update. I have been sleeping and working. But, we are just about to start class tonight and I have some free time on my hands so, I write.

Last weekend was Nocturnal Wonderland. Kristin, Danny, Allan and I took the HONDAH out to the Orange show fairgrounds. weeee it was greattimes. Danny got a bid commision check and so he picked up the hotel. It was the Loma Linda INN. We chilled at the place for awhile while the heat went down.

We gathered all of our things and heading out around 5pm, got to the fairgrounds and hung out on the grass for a bit. We grabbed some $2 beers and checked out the trance stage for a few because Allan heard a song that he knew. After that, it was time for Tech Itch in the drum and bass room, he was ok and he put down some tracks with some heavy metal, it was interesting but some people started moshing in the fucking arena. Really, who moshes to drum and bass? Stupid valley kids.He threw in some bass tracks too, that was crazy cause my teef rattle good.

Allan bought me another beer and we headed over to the breaks stage to see simply Jeff. Before that we walked over to check out Colette on the house grass, I love that grass area! After that Danny and I walked around and lost Kristin and Allan, I think they went over to see Richie Hawtin or something. I found some battery powered glowstick and a glow bracelet on the ground then we went over and met K and Allan over by this crazy looking misty helicopter bug that spits out mist. I got some pizza and we walked around until jackal & hyde started. Jackal and Hyde were pretty damn good. By this time, the place was packed and it wasgoing off! Danny and I wandered off to the Trance stage and Donald Glaude played some Deep Dish!! We met Arron and a bunch of other valley people and walked over to the bouncy room, bounced in there but I couldn't stand upl After that Danny and I went on the human gyroscope. I don't remember what happened in between there but we ended up watching Armin van Buuren. He went on around 12:30am ... the show everyone was waiting for. It was fuyckng CRAZY! Crazy lights and crazy people! We were there for almost the entire set, but left for 15 minutes to see Roni Size & Uberzone who were on at the same fuckin time!!!! came back he played shivers...Allan got it on video. I let Kristin play with my new ravey light and she impressed the hell out of me, she does this great tick-tock move! After it ended kristin drove the HONDAA back to the hotel and we layed around, ate mango and passed out.

I fell asleep at 4:30pm Sunday, woke up at 9:30pm went back to sleep and woke up at 9:30am! Whoa where did that day go, oh well, I felt better!

I sat around all Monday and then Kristin and Allan came over for a BBQ. We be bee bee qoo'ing at my house. Some chicken, steak, salad and corn. mmmmmmmm We found the best recipe for bbq chicken with ceaser dressing. I went back to sleep and then had to goto work the next day. :(

All the pics are posted in the gallery.
Nocturnal Wonderland 2005 pictures


September 11, 2005 1:24 AM Reply


these are some awesome pictures i thought you might want to see! also theres some of us on www.ravelinks.com

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