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Tiesto In Concert. omg Pictures!

Got back to my place around 4am and fell asleep in the car.

Tiesto owned, one of the best shows of the year, pricey, but good. We got floor tickets and were running around all crazy taking pictures. We have 3GB of pictures in-between the three of us. All 1GB Sd cards in the cameras. I got some great pics and some good video. I ran out of memory 3/4 of the way through. The new camera takes video in 30fps 640x480 avi, the biggest video availible to download (once they go live) is 180MB take it easy and only download one at a time. :)

Cliff Notes:
Saw Tiesto last night @ The LA Sports Arena, it was packed and we got lots of pics and videos between 3 camera's.
These are mine.
Tiesto In Concert Pictures

Thanks to everyone that made this happen. Kyle, Bobby, Aaron, Carmen and all the Tiesto crew.
Next stop, club Vanguard with The Crystal Method - birthday bash next friday!!

UPDATE: 1:25am Monday. I just got 963MB more pics/video from Kyle. Where am I going to put this?
There are definitely some pics from the show that will go undisclosed.


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