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Thursday! Hold it down like WHOA!

  • August 25, 2005 8:57 AM
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Today is a FANTASTIC day and I don't know why! I am in a great mood. I was bumping to some classic Ibiza Carl Cox set on the way into work along with a hard Sandra Collins like @ Spundae set I got from Aaron (Thanks!)

I sleepy walked last night, I thought there was dirty dishes or something spilling water all over my printer and cd's. I moved a frog candle and my little fan that was on top of the printer. There was water everywhere, I seen it. Guess not...

There was a huge accident on the 405 about 7:50, like 5 cars. A Honda passport was fucked up all over the freeway middle wall and a Chevy truck got t-boned. Me thinks some car spunout and took out like all three of these other guys and then there was another car that ran straight into that. No emergency peoples were there yet but people were running around on their phones. I don't think anyone got hurt.

The head honcho of IT is coming in around 9ish and we all got huge breakfast! OJ, muffins, bagels, fresh fruit. mmmmmmmm

We cleaned up the lab really good for our company, it will prolly stay clean for about 2 days.

David came over last night and I let him borrow my 200GB drive to save all his music, fuck filevault, FUCK FILEVAULT IN THE ASS >:O it corrupted the drive and he almost lost everything when Tiger kernel panic'ed!

Anyways, i'm going to be going to class tonight, boooring, but at least i'm getting my learn on!

CHEERS! 1 day closer to THE CRYSTAL FUCKING METHOD at Vanguard!! It's gonna be so awesome.

Info: VANGUARD, GIANT and INSOMNIAC invite you to join the Birthday Celebrations of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method featuring DJ sets by The Crystal Method, Jason Bentley and Robtronik (Boom Box). Vanguard features a newly installed Funktion One Sound System, massive lighting installations by SJ Lighting and a spectacular outdoor patio, complete with cabanas, fountains and even a giant Buddha.

So, heres the classic video of how great i feel.

I feel Grrrreat! Yeeeeeeeeeeea


August 25, 2005 1:21 PM Reply

Fuck filevault up the ass!!1.

I feel great! Yeaaaaaah! *crazy eyes*

Seen this one?

August 25, 2005 2:13 PM Reply

LOL. You and your sleep walking/ sleep talking. Last time you "spilled soda all over the keyboard."

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