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Party all weekend !@#$%^&* Sunday: recovery.

Yes, I am finally updating my blog. ;)
Friday, I get a call from my friend Kyle and he previously thought his friends were going to have to bail on him and wanted to know if I could goto Avalon to see Sandra Collins and a beach party. I said "SURE". He bought my ticket because I had no credit card yet and then he was going to call me later that night.

I took my computer to the Apple store friday after work and had to wait at the "Genius bar" while some pimply faced highschool kids ignored my need to fix my #$%^&*injg powerbook. After an hour and a half in the "Genius queue", which it totally worthliess because someone casn sneak in front of you if they register online. I complained and I got to take care of the paperwork which pretty much consisted of, "DEAD HD, pleasefixkthxbye"

I met kyle after work at his place and we drove to the Avalon. SAndra Collins was really good, she mixed a few oldschool jams and even played some remixes of the new Coldplay. It was an estatic moment. The bouncer wouldn't let Kyle bring his camera in because he thought it was a professional model. I guess there were pro photographers there and they had to have a Camera pass. That's ok, there were event coverage crews there. Special thanks to RedDawnMedia and Clubplanet.com They took lots of photos and even caught us in a few of the shots. I used some of the pics from their gallery on my site, all the pics are watermarked, but thats ok, it's free. OMG The asian lifeguard was so hot. Goddamn.
Here is the link to the Sandra Collins Gallery. I also took a few photos with my sidekick and you can tell they suck.

Saturday, I worked all day and then went home to do a few chores and get ready for Icey. I met at Kristins. Allan and Kristin and I predrank and then walked down Labrea to Santa Monica Blvd. I DIDN'T STOP AT THE ATM THIS TIME, nor did any people stop at the bank of Chris. :) DJ Icey totally threw it down!!!! Hyper and Deepsky were very good too, as well as Kristina Sky holding down the trance room. Kyle got his camera into Spundae no problem and I also had to give a DNA test to prove it was me at the door, since I have no valid drivers license, yet. It worked and we fucking partied!
Link to the Spundae gallery.This is klnd of a placeholder for the pics with a few shots from the sidekick, as soon as kyle gives me alll his pics I will fill this shit up.

Sunday I chilled and helped Todd, my neighbor fix my other neighbor up with a wireless network across all our houses. He bought me quizno's and then I watched TV.

Great weekend.


August 11, 2005 3:15 AM Reply

I registered online for the bar the other day and Diane and I still waited for an hour past our registered time.

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Home> Clubs/Clubbing/Events > Party all weekend !@#$%^&* Sunday: recovery.

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