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Icebreaker and M.I.K.E. @ Spundae

Allan already did a pretty nice writeup on his site, which is becoming more complex and polished in 2 days then this site in 2 years. Regardless, he has convinced me to switch to Gallery2, I will be migrating shortly.

Allan and his friend met Kristin and I at he place for some pre-drinking, more Vodka and Rockstar like last night. Allan and Arash got some innout before they picked me up but I was holding out for the BBQ HOT DOG WITH BACON!

Allan's buddy, Josh David spins breaks and we got tickets to Spundae Like Allan said most people were there for the Trance, but MIKE was really good. He played Purple Haze - Adrenaline, Silence and some other really big tunes! Of course, I took pictures. Allan bought me a vial of AMF when we got there and I had a few RedbullVodka's Allan's buddy Arash drove and he was a cool guy. We left there like 3am ish a good night for basically 17 bucks spent.

This is one of the dancers with the crazy glow lights, those pics came out good. Cute.

Pictures: Icebreaker and M.I.K.E. @ Spundae



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