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I say chipotle you say chipotle.

  • August 4, 2005 7:42 PM
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I'm heading into the wamu on the corner by work and I get an aim from dav. Him and diane are going to chipotle soon, I say... I have school :( I finish my work and get out a little early. I start driving to school. On the way there, damn, I'm hungry,,

I stop at chipotle cause now its on my mind like Georgia.. I walk in the door around 5pm and waarlah THE CHIPOTLE CREW! Hay guys, what's going on!?!?!? :} we have a little chat and eat burritos yum.

In other news, I call applecare on the 405 and diagnose my powerbook, I got a case number and alls I have to do is take it into the apple store northridge.

So, I'm writing this in class, on the sidekick because, well, I have no laptop. Please come back from applecare safe grasshoppa!!!

I get to reload a computer this weekend in exchange for my fresh bumper painting.

Too da loo!


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Home> Random > I say chipotle you say chipotle.

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