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Welcome to the beautiful city of Palm Springs....

Home of the Palms, Golf courses and the old people.

The weather out here is really fantastic "damn it's hot." The sun is beating down, the pool is a welcome addition to the heat, and the scenery is great. The house is right on the golf course and we ended up with a golf ball through the window. A new record, that window hasn't been broken by a golf ball in thirty five years. Although there were two in the pppool and nine on the roof. ;)

Pictures are yet to come, we are currently sharing a dial-up account through apple-airport-adhoc networking. Apple makes it so easy. Two of Dianes friends already left and I think we are going to stay another night. I was going to leave tonight but why waste a night of driving compared to a night of drinking. Everyone is obsessed with the stupid Katamari game, (Japanese for ball) for ps2, where you just roll over everything in order to make stars to recomplete the solar system that your father accidently deleted. rm-rf universe. oh shit!!11

I got some really cool shots of dav floating dead in the pool and diving, I tried to work on my tan but gave up because, "damn it's the hotness." My car is slow in the heat and we just went down to Vons to restock up on Ice cream cups and a few things for dinner tonight,

I hope everyone is having a nice vacation, Allan and friends went to a yacht party today, I think, hope it was fun. Pics++

Hmm anything else to say, dunno. Last night the drama llama came into town but we watched the Palm Springs episode of The O.C. and some of firefly, they want to turn me into an obsessed firefly fanboi. :) I told them to give me a week and I will get Battlestar Galactic first season on DVD. We watched Broken Lizards: Club Dread., Dav thought it was the best Lizard flick out of the two but I think it had nowhere near the number of redeeming moments in it as Super Troopers.

DInner is preparing and we're ready to fire up the BBQ grill.


edit: Danny brought the Maggie MMG's and Dav brought the amp. ;)


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Home> Updates/Happenings > Welcome to the beautiful city of Palm Springs....

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