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Six feet under.

  • July 28, 2005 2:09 PM
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So, the past week or two I have been back on an electronic music binge. From Infected Mushroom, Ferry Corsten, Rabbit in the moon etc. Trance and Progressive electronica in the car! I am working overtime this weekend as well as attending another show. Infected Mushroom at Avalon.

I got the new Jason Mraz- Mr. A-Z. For this release he chose legendary producer Steve Lillywhite. Steve has producer credits on Many albums by U2(6 albums iirc), Some Dave Matthews live discs and Peter Gabriel to name a few. Steve puts an interesting touch on this record. Jason's Style is still prevelant but alot of the witty lyrics and songs that came around on the first album are toned down. Mr. Curious was transformed from an upbeat guitar heavy song live into a Piano driven melody with smooth lyrics and an opera singer?!

The album has more depth an more drums then the last album, I prefer Jasons original and live style to shine through on the record rather then smoohing out the material and showing his maturity. Overall it's a great second effort and it's funny that a few of the songs have double meanings. :)

There's a good chance in hell
Like cats and dogs we'll be flying
And I'm no weatherman
But you are lightning, striking

Well this relationship fodder don't mean to bother nobody
But Cupid's automatic musta fired multiple shots at her
Because she fall in love too often that's what the matter
At least I talk about it keep a pattern of flattery and
She was starin' through the doorframe
Eyeing me down like already a bad boyfriend
Well she can get her toys outta the drawer then
Cause I ain't comin' home I don't need that attention, see

I am more than you're thinking
Hey look at me go
From hero to zero
Oh, take it from a geek like me
I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn't care if you com...plete him or not

I have also been listening to the Volume 2 of Six Feet under soundtrack. It's great and it's put me back into Deathcab for Cutie mode.

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