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The O.C. returns to me, kicking it with Kristin and Claim Jumpers!

My blog has been pretty boring lately, I havn't had any crazy stories or events happen to me. Over the past few weeks work has been jammed. A few days I spent at the helpdesk answering phones and crap. General classes for school are ALMOST OVER! Finishing up Religion class; which is last on the list.. Next class is "Project planning and implementation."

Thursday I went hanging out with Kristin. We went to Mel's and got orangy goodness and then I went on a little music shopping spree at Amoeba Music. I picked up.
Perfecto presents: South America; Hernan Catteneo (trance-house) - used
US3: Questions (which was the wrong cd I was looking for, oh well) - used
Empire Records soundtrack - used
Bad boy bill: bangin the box vol.2 (house) - new
Snow Patrol: Final Straw - new

So, for my installment of music news;
I really dig the Hernan, he is a greaat South American deejay, and the Bad boy bill is a super house classic album.. Chicago house mixed on multiple turntables.
Also recent albums I have been listening to are:
Athlete - Tourist
Mae - The Everglow
Coldplay - X&Y
Foo Fighters - In your honor

All of these are fantastic in their own way the Athlete is my favorite new band and the Foo brings a great new double album filled with rock tunes and accoustic work on the second cd. Coldplay is different, it takes a bit to get used to but I just watched the live leak on MTV2 where they performed songs live from the album and I loved it.
You should also check out Mae, even if it just for the first two songs. (2 and 3) "We're so far away" and "Someone else's arms." track (7) "The Ocean" is great too. It brings you into this mesh world of Fenix TX meets Something Corporate. I approve! This got stumbled upon it on the ipod one day.

Friday I was kicking it at teh helpdesk answering phones and talking on the sidekick. My friend Jason suggesterd we meetup, so after woek I drove down to Newport beach and took in some of that winderful O.C. atmosphere. Went out for pizza and then we kicked it af Yardhouse where they have my favorite beer on tap, Oregon Honey Lager.. mmm A few pints of that and then over to Skosh, the EYER-RISH pub!
I drove home fine and listened to my new Hernan cd1

Sat was a day of sitting around and then I picked up Kristin and we watched THE SHEILD OMFG! Season Finale next week is gonna pwn someone on the show. bang bang! Then I went to dinner and drinks with David, Jenn and Sean (sp?) He is performing songs Friday at the Borders in Valencia!

Sun I finished laundry, went to dinner with Jerome at REDS BBQ! Then I went over to his new pad and setup his wireless and wired intraweb for the new cable modem.

All and all, I saw alot of Friends and I wish the weekend was five days long.

I'm out, time to listen to some more tunes or watch TiVO!
It's hot in herrrrre11!

also, that Gorillaz track is pretty funky too: Feel Good Inc. You can watch the video on the itunes music store through 4.8. :)


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Home> Updates/Happenings > The O.C. returns to me, kicking it with Kristin and Claim Jumpers!

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