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One day, (last sunday) I was sitting around bored on the computAr. I get an AIM from KARA She was reminded of me when she was listening to the awesome Mars Volta I gave her last time I saw her and it was awesome, she was loving that and decided to get together to exchange more stuff sometime soon. So we met up on Thurs and I hooked her up with a bunch of cd's and new music. She almost fell asleep on the bed with my awesome pillow pillow SAMMITCH!

While the copying was going on we watched Jason Mraz and The Flaming lips on Austin City Limits. After that we watched a bit of the Underworld: Everything Everything disc.

It was getting late and she decided to be off, but not before it took her fourty minutes to find the freeway. I said turn LEFT! ;) She called me on her dying cell phone and her car low on gas from somewhere at SEQUOIA AND ROYAL! wtf?! j/p So her cell died and I went out to try to find her to no avail. I hoped she got home ok, (she did I talked to her) While I was out looking I stopped for gas.

Sunday I invited her to come with me to see Uberzone and Christopher Lawrence for a Memorial Day CELEBRATION!

Pics to come!

It was a goodtime hanging out with Kara!

Right now i'm bumping some Blackrob: WHOA!


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Home> Updates/Happenings > Music~DVD~Kara!

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