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what is big, aluminium and mammmmoth?

  • May 31, 2005 7:22 PM
  • Random

Uberzone and Christopher Lawrence @ Factory.

The show was pretty awesome. Uberzone kicks ass on the Roland drums. I didn't meet any chicks but there was alot of hot asians laydees there. I took jazzy pictures and Lawrence was cool enough to stick around and greet his fans after the set. I ended up going by myself due to parental drama llamas and almost getting lost. Some smelly cab driver helped me out with a Thomas Guide.

Uberzone and Lawrence pictars

Note the pics AND vid-ee-OHS!

Sat. with Arstechnica.

  • May 31, 2005 3:24 PM
  • Random

Sat morning and afternoon I didn't do anything, I sat around and finished watching back episodes of Scrubs and The Shield! That gosh darn janitor just loves to wreck with Dr. Bob Kelso. h4r h4r.

Sat night I met up with some guys from Arstechnica, a new guy that works in the Valley and my friend Young. Kara met up with us too and tagged along for Hookah Source! We all brought laptops and took pictures, played pool and had a jolly good time on the internet.

Pics from the night

Friday at Friday's.

  • May 28, 2005 12:46 PM
  • Random

TGIF! On the first day, God created the heaven and the earth, the rest of the week he worked his ass off. Friday rolled around and he must have chilled out and created beer! Oh yes, this is the nectar of the Gods and thats what we were drinking last night.

So I get home from meeting with my group for school, we needed to go to a Buhddist templle to find out about the religion for a group paper. I suggested Wat Thai on Coldwater and Roscoe. We found a Monk that was willing to talk to us, he said you can call me John. We asked his some questions and it was veery informative. He asked us what school and we said Univeersity of Phoenix and he said, "Oh are you taking classes online?" no, we are in the campus program. Our Monk has an MBA(for real), thats cool because he schooled us on enlightenment. :D

My friend Mike came over around 10pm and he headed over to Friday's for some drinks, we took turns buying rounds and talking the good talk. Mike and Mandy talked, I talked, somebody thought it was a great idea to start doing shots.

(Sat 1:05pm): There are 1000 tiny little gnomes with power tools in my head and they want to GET OUT!


One day, (last sunday) I was sitting around bored on the computAr. I get an AIM from KARA She was reminded of me when she was listening to the awesome Mars Volta I gave her last time I saw her and it was awesome, she was loving that and decided to get together to exchange more stuff sometime soon. So we met up on Thurs and I hooked her up with a bunch of cd's and new music. She almost fell asleep on the bed with my awesome pillow pillow SAMMITCH!

While the copying was going on we watched Jason Mraz and The Flaming lips on Austin City Limits. After that we watched a bit of the Underworld: Everything Everything disc.

It was getting late and she decided to be off, but not before it took her fourty minutes to find the freeway. I said turn LEFT! ;) She called me on her dying cell phone and her car low on gas from somewhere at SEQUOIA AND ROYAL! wtf?! j/p So her cell died and I went out to try to find her to no avail. I hoped she got home ok, (she did I talked to her) While I was out looking I stopped for gas.

Sunday I invited her to come with me to see Uberzone and Christopher Lawrence for a Memorial Day CELEBRATION!

Pics to come!

It was a goodtime hanging out with Kara!

Right now i'm bumping some Blackrob: WHOA!

Tiger kernel panics on me!

  • May 27, 2005 10:14 AM
  • Random

Every time I try to print from Safari. I was talking to my friend Diane last night, when I wanted to print some etickets.

Our conversation ended when I got the grey screen of death!

Only crashes on that particular website.
Prints fine through firefox!

Ruh Roh, car is not in good condition.

Sat we found my car is running way lean. (Not enough fuel) It could be a number of things; bad fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, clogged injector or the ECU. This is bad. Right now i'm driving the civic to work, Honda POWER!

Not really, it sucks I want my car back. :( I think I am going to have it towed to the shop and hope they can figure out the problem.

Finishing my exhaust on the car.

Tomorrow, I am oicking up a Greddy sp2 catback and getting car dynotuned. I am hoping for 215+ HP at the wheels.

Tonight i'm chilling at my friends pad and Sat is the day.
I will post numbers.

my head is bumpin! :(



I am done putting the parts list together for my huge RAID.

  • May 15, 2005 10:43 PM
  • Random

This is the mother of all storage units. 4 or 5 x 400GB drives, an external SATA case and RAID card for the OSX box, this is going to be the monster storage unit for all my music, movies and media for the new apt.

Powered by Netcell.

Here's a new post.

Friday I got home @ 7pm and went to sleep. I woke up at 1:30am, screwed around on the computer till 2:30, went back to sleep and got up at 10am.

I went to lunch with Diane. She broke her ankle so I gto to drive her Bimmer, fun!
Then we hung out the rest of the day, we went to Amoeba Music and then to Friday's in Simi.
After that we went back to my house where I hooked her up with tons of new stuff and we watched Harold and Kumar goto white castle.

Harold: Doogie Howser just stole my fucking car.
Cop: No way, NPH would never do that!

h4r h4r!

After that we watched some episodes of In Living Color on DVD. That's some classic 90's TV right there! I took her home and I went to sleep.

Today I washed my car and went to a going away party for a Subaru buddy, Brad. Then I waxed the shit out of my car, totally awesome! I think I am going to order my catback exhuast this week, the sooner I get all the things I need done and pay off some debt, the sooner I am going to move out,


I haven't been posting much besides weekend updates.

Work is busy as fsck. We have some temps in working for the MGM projects and a ton of new hires coming over. We have aqquired two new buildings that are filling full of people and I get to own a temp. I've never made somebody my bitch before, this is cool. 8)

I took a niced chunk out of my thumb today on a Dell GX260.

tee tee why el.

It's all gone PETE TONG!

Spundae @ Circus with M.I.K.E., Scumfrog, Annalyze, Simply Jeff and more.

Wow, just another quality Saturday night. We decided to goto Circus Disco, mostly to see the backroom talent but everything was so awesome. Hot women, frikin lazer beams, and fooooood! I got a hot dog wrapped in bacon and it was the ultimate clubbing addition.

They were celebrating the release of a movie based on the life of Frankie Wilde.
It's all gone Pete Tong

Kristin had a friend in the military at 29 palms, they made plans to come down and it ended up being a party bus. 7 marines in her apt. and i forgot how many went with us to Circus.

Mike and scum were awesome, I took pictures and everyone was really cool. The venue is rad, huge outdoor patio and a huge dance floor. We partied our asses off and I met like 5 people from Sony, I have no idea how they remembered me because I sure as hell didnt remember them. ;)

Link to the pics. Awesome

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