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Tiesto~Steak~WRC with BBQ

My weekend was pretty average. Fri night I went to Allans, Kristin was there too. I brought over some K one, we chilled, had drinks and watched teevee.

Sat was the same way, except during the day I ordered a matching tire for the left sode of my car, did laundry, and ordered my stomung midpipe. Sat night we watched Tiesto in concert! It was awesome, I wish I was there. Oh yea, and my dad bought a new Jeep. ;)

Sun was steak with my buddy Young at woodranch and I cleaned my room and the garage. Night was BBQ and WRC Rally @ a fellow subaru buddies house, he is also an audiophile and he demo'ed some movies and music on his Energy's.


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Home> Clubs/Clubbing/Events > Tiesto~Steak~WRC with BBQ

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